This page is a short summary of all the important stuff I use. The idea is that I only mention the stuff I would miss if I lost it(or stopped working for the software stuff).


  • MacBook Pro 2016, without TouchBar; 16GB of RAM; 512 GB SSD. Space gray. I hate how unreliable the keyboard is, and it drives me nuts that it lacks a SD slot, other than that a pretty great machine. I do almost everything on this or my ThinkPad

  • iPhone 8 Plus; 64 GB; Space Grey, with a red Apple Silicone Case. I went with this one instead of a X because I didn’t have the time to wait for it. There is not much to say about it, except for that it is like the 6s and 7 a improve ment of the predesessor. Everything is like you except them to be, and everything works like you expect.

  • Apple Magic Keyboard / Magic Trackpad. One at my office and one at my home office. The trackpad and keyboard combo is great; probably not the best. But it works much better than the built in keyboard on my MacBook. I have one of them in a canopy for if I need to bring it everywhere.

  • LG 27″ 4K USB-C Screens; one at home and one at work. The screen is great, but not fantastic. It looks great and screen over USB-C is great. Charging and screen connection over the same cable is my favourite part, except for the resolution. The software / firmware built into the screen is not the best. But it is honestly the best screen available until Apple gets back into the screen game.

  • Nikon FM analog film camera; with a 50mm Series 8 F/1.8 and a 24mm F/2.8; I usually shoot black and white Ilford films. I love this camera, nothing fancy, just the basics. Easy to use and reliable. Love the 50mm, but I think the 24 is a little bit heavy. But I love it for when I need a wide angle lens.

  • Fujifilm X-Pro 2. 8mm f/2.8, 35mm f/2, 50mm f/2. I shoot raw. I use 16GB cards at home and 64GB cards when I travel. My favorite digital camera this far. Having physical dials for the basics (like my FM) is awesome. And makes it much easier to use it. This is the first time I’m not looking for other cameras, because I have the best digital range finder on the market.

  • Nokia Smart Scale. I bought the most expensive one, because the difference was not that big. It was a pain in the ass to set up with multiple users. But when it works it works perfectly. Step on it and it shows up in the correct users profile.

  • Apple Watch Series 1, space grey, red sports band. It have become a little bit slow. But I still love it. 99% of what I use it for is fitness tracking and notifications, and it’s perfect for that.

  • ThinkPad x230, 16GB RAM, 256GB disk, Arch Linux running i3; previously used XMonad. I love this little machine. I often call it for my iPad with useful software (emacs) or my Emacs Typewriter. I mostly just use it to browser and type into emacs, and it’s great for that. The keyboard is freaking awesome.

  • Plustek Opticfilm 8100. This is a dedicated scanner for film and slides. I use it to scan my 35mm film, when I have gotten them developed. I wish the process wasn’t as time consuming, but this scanner makes it a little bit better, compared to a flat bed.

  • Some Canon flatbed scanner. I don’t know what it’s called or anything like that. It was cheap, and it is only useful for document scanning. I got it because I had to scan some document to get into the University of Bergen, but didn’t want to walk through to the other side of the city to scan them. So I bought the first scanner I could find.


  • Tom Bihn – Pilot. The bag I use every single day. It’s great, like every Tom Bhin product. It has enough room for my laptop, some kables, a few notebooks, some pens and a camera. But not enough room for bringing too much.


  • V60 for pour over coffee. This is my go to brewing method these days. Simple, easy to use.
  • Aeropress for Espresso like drinks My go to if I want to use a little bit more time, and want a espresso like drinkj
  • Bialetti for Espresso like drinks My favourite if, I want an espresso like drink. Easy to use, but a bitch to clean.
  • Contigo To go coffee mug. Great mug, but I wish it didn’t hold the heat as well.

Pen and paper stuff

  • Lamy 2000 Medium Nib Great pen, with a lot of ink capacity. My first fancy pen
  • Pilot Vanishing Point Broad Nib Good pen, a highly constrained pen, but what makes it great is that it is reliable and retractable. But you should only get one if you need a pen that don’t require uncapping
  • Pilot Metal Falcon Broad flex nib. My favourite pen at the moment. Use a lot of ink. Fun to write and draw with, because of the flex nib
  • Travelers Notebook with lined refills Great notebook system that can become exactly what you need
  • Leuchtturm1917 A5 Bullet Journal * My favourite notebook for keeping track of notes and stuff to do.**
  • Hightower Great pen case, fits three pens and a few Field Notes sized notebooks
  • “field notes sized” notebooks. Love them, dot grid, like Field Notes with good paper
  • Golden Bear Pencils
  • Classroom Friendly Sharpener.
  • Pilot Iroshizuku inks

If you were wondering, I left inks out on purpose.


  • Github. Awesome Git hosting
  • Linode virtual servers. Great host, no bull shit, not fancy, but they do exactly what it says on the tin
  • Slack. Sigh. Their apps are shit, but the rest is fine. I just wish they made it easier to manage many teams
  • 1Password. The best password management solution I know about. Both from a security and UX stand point. Awesome for solo and team use
  • _The best bookmarking servie ever, I use it for bookmarks
  • Instapaper.

Social Stuff

  • is the only social network stuff I’m doing at the moment. It feel a lot like twitter in the good old days. And it is powered by blogs instead of a centralized system.


  • Hugo
  • FeedPress. A great service if you want feed stats or want to keep the same feed url no matter if you change CMS or not.

Coding (apps)

  • Emacs. My go to text editor at the time, it’s powerful, I use it for almost everything; including reading email.
  • iTerm 2 Like with better UI and some extra functionality, like splitting both directions.
  • ZSH. My favourite shell, awesome with Oh-my-zsh
  • git. SCM. Don’t love it, but better than the rest
  • Paw. Awesome GUI app for OS X for interacting with web api’s.
  • Homebrew. The best package manager for OS X

Coding (languages and stack)

  • C# / .NET Core. Great for developing larger stuff, with a strongly typed language. It’s a lot more like Django or Rails than it used to be
  • Node / Express. Express is great for building very small stuff.
  • React / Redux / Webpack My favourite way to build Web Apps at the moment. It’s easy to write stuff really fast and it scales to larger projects.
  • Clojure/ClojureScript: I love how elegant LISPS are, if I do some programming on my spare time it’s either Clojure or Emacs LISP
  • Shell Scripting *I still use some shell scripting, mostly to write easier to use abstractions around complicated commands. *

Coding / Server stuff

  • Docker. Docker is an awesome way to make sure each part of your app is seperate, it makes it easier to manage and you are forced to document and automate it.
  • Nginx A simple and easy to configure web server that performs very well. It’s not like Apache, you actually understand every line of the config.
  • PostgreSQL. My go to SQL server since 2005. As easy to use as MySQL and as powerful as Oracle.
  • Redis The way to go if you need to cache stuff. It’s basically a key value store where you can store data that is slow to generate. Awesome for saving JSON outputs that takes a long time to produce

Other Mac Apps

  • Alfred. My go to launcher, more powerful than Spotlight and easier to get into than the others.
  • Arq. An app to take backups of your computer, but you control where it’s stored.
  • Reeder My OS X feed reader until Brent is done with Evergreen
  • Karabiner Elements *The app I use to re-map my CAPS LOCK to shift.**
  • Amphetamine A modern version of Caffine. Keeps my Mac from going to sleep
  • Moom. My Window manager, I mostly use it to resize windows with keyboard shortcuts.


  • Lightroom CC. I migrated from Lightroom Classic to Lightroom CC at the end of the year. It lacks some features. But with a fast internet connection I think it is faster to get previews from the cloud compared to do it locally. And it’s nice to have everything in the cloud. And there are settings to make sure you have a local copy of all your raw files on an external drive. Which could make my backup system simpler.
  • Silver Fast. The scanner software I use to scan negatives. It looks like shit, is a pain in the ass to deal with but the results are awesome.
  • I add JPEG of all my raw files and TIFF scans to Photos. It’s great to browse photos.

iOS Apps

I have gone back and forth on this list too many times alreday. This is a list of all the apps I have installed on my phone. If it is there, it is on this list. Each app will have a short or longer description of what I use it for and why.

  • Overcast. My go to podcasting app. I have completly stopped looking for something better the day Overcast launched. It is the only podcasting app I have been happy with year after year after year.
  • Oak. My current meditation app, even though I have not gotten myself to meditate in months.
  • Sbanken. My banking app.
  • Min sparing. The savings app from my Bank.
  • Replete. A ClojureScript repl, for when I sit somewhere and want to test out some stuff.
  • Spotify. My go to music streaming app for years. It is the one I hate the least.
  • iBooks. I usually buy books from Amazon, because I want to have them available more places, but if I sideload ebooks or audiobooks I always go for iBooks.
  • Kindle. My go to e-book store and app.
  • Dash. Is a app for reading programming documentation. Great for when I want to read Clojure docs on the train.
  • OmniFocus. My current go to task manager, with the recent move from contexts to tags made it a lot more useable for me.
  • Sunlit. A great photo focused view into
  • Safari. You don’t have a lot of options on iOS, either Safari or nothing. I actually like Safari though.
  • Me.essages. I use messages a lot, the basics are great, but all the stuff (like stickers) they have added to it is kind of weird.
  • Lifesum. When I get into food tracking I use the hell out of this app, currenlty only use it for keeping track of my weight.
  • Notes. A lot better than it used to be, I’m not a fan of any of the notes apps at the moment. But works well enough.
  • My only social network.
  • Day One. If you want journaling as an app, Day One is your best pick.
  • Cardiogram. I really like this app for looking at helth mertrics, both for looking at changes week by week and how I am compared to everyone else that use the app.
  • HeartWatch. Another app for looking at health metrics, this one looks at your health data and makes it easy to see some key metrics and how things are going.
  • Health Mate. I have a Nokia Wireless “smart” Weight, this is the app I use to sync data from it into Health.
  • Health. The Apple Health Data database. I use a lot of stuff that use this database, but I almost never go in there myself.
  • CardioBot. Very similar to Heartwatch.
  • Sleep++. My current sleep tracker.
  • Exist. If you want to get interesting insights out of your various “data” I’d give this app a shot. I love it.
  • Activity. The Achievements in this app is a important factor for me actually trying to get in shape.
  • Calendar. I’m not sure why I have this installed.
  • Calculator.
  • Wallet.
  • Find iPhone.
  • Camera
  • Phone
  • PasientSky. My doctors app thing, I keep this installed to avoid having to talk to them on the phon
  • I love this thing, they have a integration that shows me when telemarketers are calling me.
  • 1Password. Needs no explaination. The best password manager available.
  • Digipost. A secure “mail” thing we use here in Norway.
  • LOFavør. An App for managing the various “stuff” I get with my union membership.
  • Swarm. I use it with Exsit to track locations.
  • 1BlockerX. I use it to block newssites.
  • Watch.
  • App Store
  • TestFlight
  • Signal. Secure messaging service, I almost never use it
  • Æ.
  • Teoriappen
  • Photos
  • PostNord
  • Sporing
  • NSB
  • Settings
  • Apollo
  • Coop medlem
  • Skyss Reise
  • Vipps
  • Find Friends
  • Spinn
  • Clock
  • TextExpander
  • Music
  • Tuner
  • Audible