Wiki updates

24.07.2020 16:11

Changes on my wiki since the last time I wrote one of these.

  • Yesterday I migrated from GitHub to Sourcehut. This have been a very long and slow process for me. On one side I didn’t want to because I think GitHub is great. On the other I felt like I had to because of their relationship to ICE. Part of the problem is also that the service I use to build and serve my websites(https://netlify.com) require GitHub, GitLab or BitBucket. And I don’t want to ditch Netlify and I wanted to use SourceHut because it is a indie business, open source and very simple and minimal. So I ended up going Sourcehut but also push changes to private GitLab repos in the cases where I need to publish to Netlify. Not ideal but the least terrible.
  • I also changed my GitHub sponsors to buymeacoffee
  • We let my best friend and dog Luna go on thursday. I have written something about it.