2019 and 2020

05.01.2020 08:05

Everyone is probably beyond sick of this kind of blog posts by now, so I’ll just do a shjort listicle. Funny word. Listicle. I always think it looks like a mix of list and testicle.

Last Year

  • I started doing yoga, and decided that getting into Yoga would be my main focus in 2019. Didn’t step on a weight or do any other workout than yoga and walking the dogs.
  • We got a second dog.
  • I decided to give up on Clojure because it is too much bullshit you have to deal with in the tooling.
  • I started to look for my new language for hobby projects: Haskell, F#, some other lisps, Rust, Swift, Ruby and some others I can’t remember. And I decided to go with Golang
  • I got a drivers license
  • I stopped listening to podcasts for a few months. Then I started to listen to some. Curretnly six and half of them are Dan Carlin podcasts to there might be three episodes a year, and the rest are not high volume at all. Not going to get back into Apple Tech podcasting.
  • Mostly listened to Hiphop in the second half of 2019.

This Year

  • We’re expecting our first kid in the end of January.
  • I will not consider changing job, unless something very unexpected happens
  • My main focus health wise last year was getting into Yoga. This year it will be to continue that and focus on loosing weight.
  • And the process of getting a drivers license and buying baby stuff have deleted all our money and so on. So a focus this year will be to paying down as much debt as possible and get some savings again.