Took a break

31.12.2019 16:07

You might have noticed the lack of post from me for a while. Clost to two months. But probably not.

I just felt like taking a break, so I did.

I’ll be moving back to the regular schedule soon. Probably as my regular Due reminders for posting starts nagging me in 2020.

There will also be some changes. I have decided to kill my hosted micro.blog site and just use my blog and wiki.

The reason is that I want to make thing simpler, and I more or less never use it. The reason I have it is to post from my phone, but I never do that. And all my photo stuff have been moved to Flickr.

My plan is to cancel it, export and then figure out where to put it later.

I also have a lot of likes and posts in the backlog. Not sure about how to deal with it yet, but I’ll probably start slowly and not post everything at once