The iPhone 8 Plus

27.10.2019 07:19

When I change phone I usually sit down and review it. It might no be useful for anyone but me. But I think it may over time be useful to see how iPhones change after being in daily use for multiple years.

This have been the best phone I have ever had. It is still fast, and the battery, while not perfect better than any previous model. And the only reason I’m changing it is because I kind of loose money at work if I don’t.

If I were to pay for it myself, I would probably have replaced the battery and then used it a couple of more years.

All the previous iPhones I’ve had (4s, 5s and 6s Plus) have been too slow to be very enjoyable to use and the battery too bad to be very useful after two years.

This is good news though. Because as I have seen phone prices double it was hoping that this meant they would be useful for longer. Something they are. And as they are getting as expensive as a MacBook I expect them to be good for at least three years and useful for another three.