Emacs: how and when

15.09.2019 12:37

How and when I use Emacs is a complicated question. I use Emacs for a lot of different things, and I use it when it is the thing that works best. In some periods I use Emacs for JavaScript development, and in other periods I use Rider and VS Code instead.

I try to set as much of the stuff I use up in a way where it is easy to use different tools together. All my editors have been configured to auto save and auto load from disk. This makes it easy to use for example VS Code and Rider at the same time.

Also: I have configured every IDE or other editor I have to use Emacs keybindings in order to make it easier to change.

If I’m writing or typing a lot, I’ll probably use Emacs, but if I’m iterating a lot, for example when writing tests / improving test coverage or doing something that some VS Code plugin makes easier I’ll use that that.

In an ideal world I’d prefer to only use Emacs. But while a lot of the tooling unfortunatly are tied to specific editors or IDE’s I chose to do things in the way that has the least friction. How I work would probably confuse most people, but it works for me.