Old school headphones, modern iPhones.

04.09.2019 19:47

The iPhone 6s/6s Plus were the last models with a headphone jack. And the solution since than have been to either use bluetooth or a lightning to 3,5mm jack.

Bluetooth have become pretty great since the early days, but I still prefer using old school headphones for a number of reasons:

  • A lot cheaper
  • A lot moe durable (dumb headphones without electronics survive anything)
  • No delays
  • More choice

I have tested two different adapters, and this is my take on what to use based on that. I have used a few of the stock Apple ones and one from Belkin.

The Belkin ones are not as good in general, but it supports charging and listening at the same time. What’s great about the Apple one, even though it is very thin and looks like it is going to break at any point, is that it almost never disconnects even when in your pocket. This is not the case for the Belkin one.

My current preference is to use the Apple one all the time, except for when I’m also charging.

These dongles are not great, and I would prefer to get the built in jack back, but it is not all bad. It seems to me that instead of what everyone that have used any pocketable music player know, where you get connection problems close to where the jack plug is, the dongle breaks.

What I do, is somehting in the middle. I use old school headphones plus a bluetooth DAC from Fiio. It was expensive, but probably cheaper than having to replace a lot of dongles