Notes on beginners and software development.

28.08.2019 19:11

I think it is really important that it is as easy as possible for some kid to just figure out they want to make a web app, and have something on the screen really fast. These are some of my notes from seeing all kinds of people learn how to code in a professional enviornment for the first time.

  • Anything that requires you to do many steps to get something on the screen can be really discouraging. Any framework like .NET Core, Rails or Django is like this, for good reasons, but this makes it harder to get started.
  • React and JavaScript is something experienced developers struggle more with, than new ones. Because they’re probably not that used to much else.
  • Anything where you can start simple figure out one thing and then introduce another and repeat seems to work well.
  • Stuff like React and Express have worked out well, because you add a line of code and seconds later you see it on the screen. And you can keep it all in one file.
  • Make sure the tooling works as much out of the box as possible. The easier this is the faster the’ll learn

I think the most important thing if you try to make things easier for beginners (and not what some old dude think is difficult and therfore it must be harder for beginners) is to listen to some beginners.