Using NPM for command line tools

21.08.2019 18:03

I started to write all my custom command line tools in Node a while back. It was less than a year ago, but more than six months ago. The reason is simple, if I can put them up on NPM I can run them everywhere using npx without having to think about installing or keeping stuff up to date.

A lot of people have problems with JavaScript and Node for various reasons. Some because it change a lot(I think it is great because then things get better a lot faster) others don’t like that it is async (it is only a issue until you get used to it, and stuff like async and Promises have made it a lot easier).

What I enjoy a lot about this strategy is that the tools are solid, and that I can use third party libraries to solve a lot of stuff.

I do not regret moving all of my python, perl and shell script stuff over to node, it has made everything a lot easier to manage.