Less Podcasts

22.07.2019 11:55

I think the process started last summer. Around this time. I just went through my subscriptions and got rid of anything that I didn’t really enjoy that much. And since then I have moved back and forth a few times But slowly I’ve been getting rid of anything I didn’t really enjoy.

I’m down from hundreds to 14, or 16 if you cound individual feeds for podcasts that have multiple feeds.

This is how I do it:

  • If I skip a lot in a podcast: unsubscribe
  • If I don’t listen multiple weeks in a row: unsbscribe
  • If I get the feeling that I don’t care that much: unsubscribe
  • If it goes over 6 months without an episode: unsubscribe

Hardcore history is exempted from the last rule.

The result is that I listen to more audiobooks and much more music.