01.07.2019 09:21

JetBrains, the makers of IntelliJ, TeamCity and a bunch of other really awesome tools.

I do C# development at work, on average it is probably 5050 C#/SQL backend work and Frontend work using React and Javascript.

I’d prefer to do all of it in Emacs, but because of how we work on the backend(a lot of different libraries, services etc) it is not really convenient to use a regular text editor.

Since he beginning of 2019, I have used Rider almost exclusively. I launch Visual Studio only when I’m just going to build and publish something without a publish profile. Other than that I use Rider for everything. It is faster, performs a lot better on all projects not matter how large or small. The plug-in system doesn’t grind the whole IDE to a halt.

Almost everything in Rider is a little bit nicer. It is stable, starts fast, shows you some kind of other “I’m working” indicator than a windows “Not responding” alert.

The reason I actually switched to Rider, except for the speed thing, is that if you take something that is a little bit of a pain, like picking the correct process to debug. This is a real bitch in Visual Studio (you always end up debugging all dotnet processes) in Rider you can pick based on the DLL.

Two things that I don’t think is better though:

  • You will end up re-configuring a lot of targets between projects. I wish some of it was a little bit easier to set up.
  • The package manager for nuget isn’t awesome. It works once you get used to it. But the one in Visual Studio is better.

As of late February and I still use it most of the time. And I’m not seeing back.