Fiio Btr3

30.06.2019 20:25

After trying to use cabled headphones with current iPhone models, caved after trying more or less everything else and bought a bluetooth DAC: the Fiio BTR3.

The problem with using cabled headphones is that you need some kind of converter dongle or bluetooth DAC. When you use a dongle, it basically disconnects with the most movement. And that is really annoying when you like to do stuff on your phone while listening to stuff. Especially while walking around when I travel from home to work.

So I decided to get a DAC, after using both the Apple dongle and a few others including one from Belkin.

It’s great, it is like a little bit larger than a USB thumb drive. Charges over USB-C; I also think you can connect it to a computer and use it as a DAC over the USB-C.

The battery life covers a full day for me. Easy to connect and manage. It has some annoying sounds when you power it on and off. And I’d love it to not have it’s own power level. But other than that great.

No regrets about getting it.

What I like about having a separate bluetooth device is that even though it’s not a lot cheaper together, you can upgrade things as it makes sense for you. And the cabled headphone market is a lot bigger than the bluetooth one.