Audiotechnica ATH-50x.

10.12.2018 09:00

I have many different headphones over the years. My go to at home or when I am on the go is the Apple AirPods because the design and Bluetooth implementation makes it the perfect take it on a listen without too much fuss thing I have seen.

But what I want at work is very different.

I want it to be comfortable, be good at shuting out the world and good sound. Wireless was not a requirement because I will be using it on my work laptop most of the time. And I did not want to spend A LOT of money on this.

So I went to the big ass review and looked over his main picks. And I went for the 50x because none of the negatives were that important to me. And it was a lot cheaper than the others.

They did come out with a bluetooth version like the week after I got mine. But I don’t care, because I will not use it much if at all with my phone no matter what.

I’m very happy with them. They don’t look pretty, but they sound fantastic are comfortable to wear hour after hour and shut out all the people I share an office with when I need that.