Fujion 23mm F2

11.07.2018 02:00

I finally bought the third lens I was planning to get when I first got my X-Pro 2. The process have been long, because I have gone back and forth between getting this lens and some of the Fuji zoom lenses.

I’d love a fast similar sized 60 or 90mm to complete the setup; I know Fuji have them, but they are HUGE, I want compact.

I now have three small primes (four counting my Fisheye) a 23, 35 and 50 all f2; or similar to a 35, 50 and 75 on full frame. They are all fast, small, light with very fast auto focus. The reason I prefer to have small and light primes over zooms is that they are light enough to shoot one handed, very useful if you like to take pictures while walking the dog or other situations where you can’t spare an entire hand holding a lens.

If you want to have one lens go for the 23 or 35. The 23mm is more versatile in terms of capturing a larger variety of things without stepping too far back. I think it is the best for just capturing what you see. The 35mm on the other hand is better if you also want to take portraits or want to have more control over what is included in the frame.

This lens is awesome for street by the way, and the auto focus speed is the fastest I have ever seen.