Two Alternatives To Field Notes.

28.12.2014 01:00

I love Field Notes Brand notebooks. I’ve been a customer since the beginning. In general, I purchace several packs of each “special edition” COLORS release. I find them both fun and functional. They’re built solidly enough and they break in well. Whereby, I tend to enjoy the patina they get and think they look even better when they are beat up and used a bit. As well, they have become very popular and enjoy an almost cult like following in the pen and paper circles.

But, sometimes, one might want to enjoy something similar, but different. For one reason or another — perhaps something in a different size or price point. So, I thought I would suggest two possible alternatives. One that is a little bit smaller in size, yet higher paper quality and cost. The other a bit larger in size, yet slightly less in paper quality and cost.

Having alternatives is always a good thing. I’m going to stick with FieldNotes for now. But this article is a good one, if you want something different.