I think I start to hit a well known problem on this blog. There is at least 10 drafts for blog posts in my Byword iCloud container, they are all posts I though – and still think – is a good idea. But, I’m not happy with the result, for now.

The reason I call this “The Merlin Mann” or “The 43 folders” problem is very simple. Merlin have talked about this problem many times on his Back to work podcast on 5by5; you don’t post anything to your blog because you feel like the content you are producing either isn’t good enough, or isn’t up to the standard of your previous published content.

You could call this good or bad; either is acceptable. I don’t like it – I hate to not being able to produce content. Nothing drives me completely more nuts than spending hours writing words and realising they are completely useless.

One of the big difference between the me today, and the me from a few months ago is that I wont put out stuff I think is bad.

What to do? The key question is: what should you do about this?

I don’t know. The thing I usually do is to just leave the posts alone for a period and to pick them up again and try to turn them into something I can be happy with.

And some of them are just left there to be deleted a few months later.

I have never had any luck with rewriting the same text over and over again on the same sit-down and being able to turn useless collections of words into anything good.

It might be my judgment or my abilities as a writer. I don’t know.

Standards are a good thing. I really thing they are. The difficult thing is to always try to find the spot where you are pushing yourself to something better. While on the same time don’t keep yourself from putting anything out there.

The only thing worse than producing not as good as you would like content – is to not producing anything at all.