My old, cracked, and worn out Apple Watch Series 1 got replaced on Friday.

I got it two years ago instead of the Series 2 because I was not sure if I would like it or not. The fact that I have worn it every single day for over two years proves that I did like it. But, I would still prefer to use a bracelet if Apple made one.

As always I got the Space Gray, I went for the 44mm model with a Sportsloop. I used a Natoband from Clockwork synergy and sportsbands with my previous Watch. I prefered the Natoband because it was much more comfortable to use, but the Sportsbands are much easier to keep clean. But none of them last forever. The Natoband just looks like it have been used a lot, and the sportsbands holes have widened out so it isn’t as secure as it once was.

I suspect the same problem will occour with the sportsloop in time. I’ll probably have to replace it in a year or so.

What I love about using a Apple Watch is that it keeps me motivated to at leat try to not just sit around not doing anything. And it have motivated me for a really long time now. The two big issues I had with my old one however was that it was really slow and a little bit big. And I got to say that all of that is solved with the current model. It is fast enough for me to consider using some real apps on it.

Also it feels very light. Before I got my Apple Watch, I had a Seiko Quartz watch, made out of titanium. It was really light. Like having nothing on your wrist. This is close to that. Part of it is the weight, but I suspect it is almost as much about it being thinner.