Ink Review: Diamine Saphire Blue

07.05.2018 02:00

I got this ink from Tudos for the purpose of reviewing it, free of charge.

I just inked all of my pens in rotation up with this ink. And it behaves like the other two Diamine inks I have used in the past. It dries a little bit slower than Iroshizuku inks, but not too bad. And the flow is a little bit slower than Iroshizuku. But not that bad in the scheme of things.

This ink has a lovely light blue colour. It kind of reminds me of the standard blue colour you get with all Pilot fountain opens. But better than that in all ways. Because like everyone who reads this site knows: I can’t stand that colour. It looks

If lighter colours are your thing I would recommend this ink. It is not something I would buy, because I do in general prefer darker colours.

The Diamine inks are great, they have some very interesting colours, and is a great option if you are willing to sacrifice a little bit on inflow and dry time for great colours.


04.05.2018 02:00

@hjertnes You don’t have a freaking drivers license and you’re listening to a trucking podcast?!?

AIrPods First Impressions

04.05.2018 02:00

I write this around 24 hours after I got them.

The AirPods are the perfect Apple Product. You just unpack them open the lid next to your iPhone, tap connect and put them in and start listening to Motorhead. They sound great, don’t fall out of your ears and just work. Some in ear plugs are not comfortable to use hours after hours, these are. They also strike the perfect balance in many ways, the battery life are not the best, but you just stick them in the case for a while and you have more battery life.

There are some stuff I don’t like about them though. It seems like the case will get really dirty very fast. And I wish it was easier to see the battery status of everything on my iPhone.

And I want to buy the person who came up with “AirPods” and “EarPods” a beer.

Travel mugs

04.05.2018 02:00

I’m a travel mug person. They have been a regular part of the stuff I bring with me outside the house for a very long time. The reason is that I like to drink coffee on my way to work. No matter if it is five minutes or 30.

My view is that most if not all travel mugs suck. You have those that are built well and then you have the rest. Those who are built well are expensive, but they don’t leak or anything like that. But they don’t last forever. The way most of the good ones work is that they try to make sure that the temperature of the coffee remains as close to what it was when you put it into the cup as long as possible.

I’m not a huge fan of steaming hot coffee. I like the cold enough to drink it without having to worry too much about burning my lips off. The way I solve this is by putting a few ice cubes in my cup after brewing pour over straight into my travel mug.

Then you have the lid. I don’t think the lid problem have been solved yet. Because it so easy to burn yourself if the coffee in your mug is too hot. The reason is that the angle your are pouring versus how much coffee are coming is off compared to a regular cup or a mug. The typical: nothin nothing and then way too much. What I would love to see, even though I have no idea how it would work, is a dual compartment cup, one upper compartment where you could leave some coffee to cool off and then drink it. Again no idea how it would work.

I use a Contigo mug at the moment. It uses a auto seal system, where you have to press while drinking. It work well enough. But you need to make sure to cool the coffee off in advance. I’ll probably get another one the next time I’m buying a mug. Most good travel mugs either come as one you need to open and close or some kind of “press to unlock” system. I prefer the latter.


03.05.2018 02:00

This looks really interesting: Bitwarden


03.05.2018 02:00

Like: Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein invented the emoji Quartz


03.05.2018 02:00

America. Why is the abbreviation for Virginia VA?

Slowing down podcasts.

03.05.2018 02:00

I have done a lot of changes lately. Trying to be a little bit more intentional about what I do where. For example restricting my phone to reading, listening etc. And removing apps for things like RSS and E-mail from it. Because I would rather spend my time consuming content than “processing inboxes” when I have time to kill.

One of the things I have done is to slow down the speed I listen to Podcasts and Audiobooks. I have gone from “as fast as possible” to between 1x and 1,5x in the last few weeks. The result have been that I listen to way fewer podcasts. Because a lot of people are way less interesting at 1,5x. And it also feels like I have slowed down a little bit because of it. Or I as in my mind. Which is good.

I think it is a really good idea to hit the reset button now and then, and examine what you do and why.

Some thoughts about companies, governments and Facebook / CA.

03.05.2018 02:00

It is the goal of governments to establish the principles and absolute minimum of what we are to expect from companies and individuals. And it is the goal of companies to maximise profits for their shareholders; either in short or long term.

It is the goal of individuals to make the best possible life for themselves and their family, friends etc.

When a company or individual does something you disagree with, you can chose not to have anything to do with that company. But they did not do anything wrong, if they did not break any laws.

If you think that it should be illegal: do something about that.

While I disagree with what CA and Facebook did, and have deleted my Facebook and Instagram accounts I do not think they did anything wrong until some court concludes that they broke any laws.


02.05.2018 02:00

It’s too much fun to make Emacs start faster…