To keep or not to keep?

23.04.2018 02:00

I guess this comes as a response to recent discussions on The Pen Addict podcast about keeping journals or not. My collection of notebooks is growing. And it grows some every year. The big question is: what should I do about them?

One option is to just keep them and let future generations deal with it. Not unlike how my parents and grand parents generations dealt with climate change.

Another option is to throw it all out.

And the third is to throw out some of it.

A lot of it is just notebook after notebook after notebook of tasks. While other parts are notes I have taken while reading or studying. And some of it is journaling.

Here is the thing: I’m probably the worst judge to what’s interesting. And I’m not one of those who care what happens after I’m dead and buried.


21.04.2018 02:00

It’s cool that SmugMug have bought Flickr. Flicker was awesome, but I stopped using it because the Yahoo authentication crap drove me nuts. Let’s hope they don’t fuck it up.

ES6 Proxies

20.04.2018 02:00

ES6 Proxies are awesome. I have not used them much “in the wild” yet. But I think they add some very interesting concepts to JavaScript. You are kind of familiar with them if you have worked with Properties in C#, Java, Swift or Objective-C. The short version is that you define a method that is called when you try to retrieve a value or setting a value. But instead of calling .methodToGetMyValue is it called when you try to access some value.

The biggest difference between the JavaScript Proxies and setter / getters is that you define them for a “variable”(in lack of a better word for it). That means that you could define it for an entire list or object or just a value.


19.04.2018 02:00

Portacle. Pretty cool, but it’s just Emacs with some fancy wrapping.


19.04.2018 02:00

Are there any good, fast, native OS X Slack clients with support for multiple teams?

How I use my Fujifilm x100.

19.04.2018 02:00

I got my X100T when I was a Canon shooter. And then a year later it died, and I replaced it with a X-Pro 2. The result was that I did not use the X100 that much. Mainly because I prefer the X-Pro in more or less every way.

Then I started to use the X100 again. I just leave it in the office, with batteries and a 16GB card. To take snapshots. For, you know all the times you want to take a picture, but the big camera is somewhere else.


18.04.2018 02:00

Look here if you have problems with Org Journal not opening the current day when you use M-x: org-journal-new-entry

My GitHub effort.

18.04.2018 02:00

I have a shit load of code on my computer. Most of it is either in use or used to be in use; and was made to solve some kind of problem I wanted to solve.

I have made an effort over the last year or so to make sure that as much of possible of the code I have laying around on my system is on GitHub in a form where it is useable to other people.

Why? I don’t know. Most of it was because I wanted to have more stuff there, I guess. And because it might be usable for someone.

It is also a good exercise to get into writing code that don’t need to be rewritten to be used by other people


17.04.2018 02:00

I have been trying to get into meditation for years. Reading countless books and blogposts about it. But it wasn’t before I started to use the Headspace app this year that I got into it. The guided content they have are really awesome. No focus on all the weird stuff like sitting is not a part of it.

One of the things that always was hard to understand from my previous attempt was what was optional and what was the meditation. Like all the weird sitting stuff.


16.04.2018 02:00

I haven’t done micro Monday in a while, and I won’t today either. The reason is that I don’t want to just tell you guys to follow someone most of you already follow. But I’m going to spend more time in the discovery section and see if it leads me anywhere.