Helm vs Ivy

16.05.2018 02:00

Helm and Ivy are the two big systems for doing “completion” in Emacs. Both of them are supported by Spacemacs.

They do more or less the same thing. It helps you to do what you are trying to do, either by completing a M-x command or figure out method names or class properties when you code. And a whole lot more.

I have used both, and the differences are minor. Helm is a little bit more full featured and always does what you expect. While Ivy is faster and more minimal.

I’m going to stick with Helm, because I’m so used to it, and I think it is a little bit easier to work in in certain areas. For example the M-x auto-complete are much better in my opinion. But, if you want something smaller, something faster or prefer something more minimal I think Ivy is a good option. And I would be perfectly happy with Ivy, if it was the only option.


15.05.2018 02:00

Ordered a 23mm for my Fuji last night; and two new photo bags.


15.05.2018 02:00



15.05.2018 02:00

I’m thinking about testing out Keybase as an option to Slack at work.


15.05.2018 02:00

Every time I see a Tesla I think: I hope someone shoot me if I consider buying one


15.05.2018 02:00

There is one thing I hate about my current work situation, some asshole makes it impossible for me to bring my dog into the office.

Adjusting podcast playback speed..

15.05.2018 02:00

So let’s say you want to change the speed you listen to podcasts; or audiobooks.

Then you need to do it step by step. How I have done it this time, when I have gone from what ever is the maximum in Overcast to around 1,5x is that I have moved it down one step. And then I listen at that speed, not just until it sounds normal, but beyond that. Because when you slow things down people sound like stoners, but it also feels boring. What I mean by that is that you have this annoying feeling in the back of your mind: oh my god, this is so slow.

I just continue to listen until I stop thinking about it, and then I move another step. If you listen to a lot of podcasts I think one step per week is a good pace.

Another 35mm vs 50mm rant.

14.05.2018 02:00

If you are going to have just one lens I guess most people would recommend either a 35mm or a 50mm for maximum versatility. (This is a 35mm and 50mm on a full frame or 135 FILM camera, do the math if you use something larger or smaller).

I have written countless posts about the subject of which one is the best as your “one” lens. And the reason is simple: the 35mm is in general the most versatile focal length because it is the best for one type of pictures, while the 50mm is the most versatile because you can use it both for what you would use a 35mm for (to a certain degree) and for a short portrait lens.

A 35mm lens is awesome for shooting “snap shots” or groups of friends or family members or landscapes, because you don’t have to get far away to capture it all. It’s kind of like a phone camera. You can just shoot from where you are and take most pictures. And the wide focal length means that the impact of a lower F stop number is less, and auto focus is often faster.

A 50mm on the other hand is better because you can control a little bit more what is in your picture, and easier blurring out backgrounds and portraits look a little bit more pleasing.

I personally prefer the 50mm when I’m shooting pictures or even portraits. But the 35mm like lens on my x100 is the best when I just shoot stuff around the house. If I had to pick one lens for a vacation, I think I would go for a 35mm.

Fountain pens and pencils

14.05.2018 02:00

What makes fountain pens and pencils interesting is that both are very much a “high maintenance” writing instrument.

The fountain pen is messy and the pen is clean.

I’m not saying that one is better than the other, because they are not.

Fountain pens are a mess, because they sometimes are leaking, you need to make sure they don’t dry up. You also have to clean them to make sure that they work properly. But the great thing about a fountain pen is that you can write for a very long time without having to do anything about them.

Pencils on the other hand requires you to sharpen them, either when you write all the way into the wood, or when the point becomes too sharp for your taste. But they don’t leak, and they always work, as long as you keep them sharp.

I kind of enjoy both. But sometimes I wish I could just use a regular Bic like a normal person.

What makes both pens and fountain pens interesting though is that both are very personal. And you have to weigh up the different pros and cons the different choices have to figure out what’s the best for you. Parts of it is how you like the writing experience to be, while other parts of it is about how you like your handwriting or drawings to look.

Neither is perfect, but I enjoy them both.


13.05.2018 02:00