Serious considering going back to Iroshizuku

11.06.2018 02:00

I’m seriously considering going to back to Pilot Iroshizuku inks. There is just something about them that I loved.

  • The shorter dry time
  • How smooth the inks are
  • How awesome the bottles are.

There are nothing wrong with Diamine or the other inks I have used lately. But they are not up there with Iroshizuku. Not as smooth, takes a little bit longer to dry. It really adds up over time.

The Apple Sportsband

11.06.2018 02:00

I have used the Apple Sports band a lot with my Series 1 watch. And I think it is great, for a rubber / plastic watch band. But I’m not a huge fan of it, even though it is the band I have used the most. My problem with it is that it is not the worlds most comfortable to wear like 22 hours a day. It kind of feels like your arm can’t breathe. And unless you tuck the end in the hole, it is very easy to unbuckle it. I don’t tuck it in there because harm hair.

The band I use most of the time is my Clockwork Synergy NATO band. It is awesome. A standard buckle. Never unbuckles, comfortable to wear no matter where and how. But it has one problem that the sports band doesn’t: it gets dirty.


09.06.2018 02:00

I’m not a fan of the App Store pre-order

Apple custom CPUs

08.06.2018 02:00

Apple have already moved all their non OS X hardware over to custom chips. And I think the future will bring custom Apple CPU’s or systems on a chip for the rest of their hardware lineup. But that does not mean that they are moving all of it over to ARM. What I think Apple will do, if they start moving away from intel is to make the best possible chip for each of their computers. For example it makes sense with ARM for their MacBook, but the rest should probably remain on some kind of x86 style system. At the same time I think Apple could go for a tailored chip for each of their products. Because what is the “perfect” chip for a MacBook Pro is different from a MacBook; and the best chip for an iMac is different from a iMac Pro or Mac Pro.


07.06.2018 02:00

Okay. I get it, third party apps doesn’t make them any money because they don’t show ads.

But I don’t get why twitter didn’t do a real effort to get an agreement with third party clients to require them to show ads and report some data back.

I guess them just don’t want them.


06.06.2018 02:00

Let’s test out Safari Technology Preview for a while.


06.06.2018 02:00

Like: GitHub - Lokeh/reagent-context: Easy access to React context in ClojureScript & Reagent

Getting started with ClojureScript.

06.06.2018 02:00

I have been playing around with ClojureScript a lot the last few months. A lot of it together with React. No matter what you do, use the “official” fighwheel lein template. I used a reagent specific one for a while, and it caused me a lot of grief. Pick either Reagent or Om(the two most popular ClojureScript wrappers for React. I personally prefer Reagent because it feels the closes to regular React.

The official figwheel template works great, no issues with it at all. I just picked another one because I didn’t know what I was doing. It compiles down to a single JS file. And you can run it through webpack or other build tools if you want to.

Reason React

06.06.2018 02:00

I obviously think that React is awesome. But I have been looking for a strongly typed language to use together with React for a while now.

The best option I have found is Reason. When you use a language like JavaScript, that isn’t strongly typed. You are either hoping for the best or you end up writing a lot of code making sure that what is passed to this function really is a number and not a object or a string. Or that a object have the expected elements and so on. This is something you can avoid with a strongly typed language. Because all of the checks are done when you build it, and then there are much fewer things that can go wrong in run time.

You probably don’t want a strongly typed language for smaller projects, because it takes more time to work with them. The idea is that you do a lot of “convert this string to a JSX element” etc.

Reason React is pretty awesome. You can use it almost like you would use React with some differences. One of them are that you only can have one component per file. And you do have something like Redux, but it is more like a combination of the default react state management and Redux; which unfortunately means that you don’t get something like the Connect HOC.

I’m going to use Reason for some of my side projects for now. And I think I would use it for work projects if I started them today.

Check it out if you like React, but would like something strongly typed.

The introduction of a type system makes it less elegant though. So stick with React if you want the tool that lets you build stuff as fast as possible. But it is excellent if you want something that limits the number of places with runtime errors.


05.06.2018 02:00

The only thing I’m excited about after the WWDC keynote is the dark mode and the anti tracking stuff in Safari.