Wiki updates

11.04.2020 19:18

  • Replaced uses with using
  • Added section called “code” where I’ll link to code repos.
  • Wrote a short thing with some thoughts about Svelte
  • Added some more notes about starting a company
  • Wrote a thing about my experience using different editors for Golang
  • Added a journal for changes to my emacs config.

Wiki updates

29.03.2020 08:31

  • I’ve updated the styling a little
  • Added a section called Thinking loud and a section about me thinking about starting a indie company.
  • Wrote about VPN’s

Wiki updates

22.03.2020 10:23

  • Moved a lot of the stuff from the Personal section to a new Articles section.
  • Moved links to https://home.hjertnes.blog/
  • Updated the workout routine log
  • I wrote about my experience using Mastodon

Wiki updates

08.03.2020 14:51

Not a lot of new stuff this week, but I have worked on some stuff this week.

  • The org file my wiki was generated from is now included, will soon add a link to it and the github project
  • A links section. The idea is to add links I use all the time to this one
  • A Journal section. The idea is to add some limited in scope or time “blog like” series of texts here. Currently only one on how I think about making this wiki
  • Added a “last updated” timestamp to everything. Set to today.
  • Updated my comics list
  • Some small re-org of the emacs section

Updates in the last two weeks

23.02.2020 09:07

Most of my focus at the moment are going into my wiki, but because I don’t have or want a RSS feed there, I’ll write every week or every two weeks here about the changes I have done there.

  • I took all my blog post drafts I had and added them to the wiki
  • Did some simple re-organisation. I’ll probably do more of it next week.
  • Went through everything and updated it
  • And I’m also playing around with the non stable version of Emacs again, the upcoming version 27. It has native support for JSX and tabs.

The other big thing I have been doing this week is to take a break from Micro.blog, like I wrote about on Friday. I appriciate how supportive a lot of people were about why I chose to do that. I’m currently checking out Mastodon.