31.05.2019 08:32

I tried looking into doing some basic categories on the links, and I didn’t end up with anything useful. It was either a bunch of very small categories or too generic to be of any use. These links are intended to be a low effort way for me to just dump out everything I’ve read in the last week that I consider worth sharing.


25.05.2019 15:16

I knew I kind of promised to start doing some basic categories, but I do not have the time for it, but I’ll try to do it next week.


17.05.2019 12:28

I’m thinking about doing some basic categories for these links, I might start doing it next week, but first I got to make up my mind about how I’m going to do it.


11.05.2019 13:04


03.05.2019 20:17


28.04.2019 11:45

First new post using Gatsby, I’ll post more about why soon. Anyways. Here is like since last week.

Likes from my Instapaper

12.04.2019 23:22

A while since last time, I wanted to automate this process a little bit. Then I didn’t hear back from Instapaper about a API token and I went for a less ideal solution. It is a lot better though. Long story short, I wrote a node script that parses a exported csv files. I’ll probably get it up on Github soon, I just need to clean it up. And I’ll probably get back to doing this weekly now that it takes much closer to a few minutes, than 15.

Links of the week

15.03.2019 19:02


08.03.2019 20:07

Link dump

01.03.2019 17:48