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Awesome page with a bunch of examples of the same code in JavaScript and ClojureScript

The classroom friendly sharpener.

10.08.2018 10:00

I have been looking for a good desk pencil sharpener since I realized that pencils are awesome. My impression very early on was that the Classroom Friendly was one of the great ones. So I decided to get one, but did not do anything about it because I could not order one through any of the regular channels because they don’t want to ship outside the US. So, I started to look for other alternatives. And considered a handful of them. But decided to get the Classroom Friendly instead; through ebay. It was as painless as I could hope it to be. Even though the shipping took over twice as long as it would have taken through any of my regular shops.

Now, let’s get on to the sharpener. It is amazing. It feels like a quality product out of another era. Like when build quality was important, instead of cheap crap that seems to be the standard these days.

It is a joy to use, gives me a perfect point every single time. And it takes no time to sharpen a fresh pencil.

The only ting I have to say about it is that it leaves some nasty marks on the pencil. It doesn’t bother me that much, but I guess it might bother some of the more obsessive out there.

Where Lightroom CC have to improve.

10.08.2018 10:00

Lightroom CC have become pretty great. It is a fresh version of Lightroom where most of the heavy operations happen in the cloud. This means that you can get away with cheaper hardware if you have a good internet connection; or even an iPad.

But there are a few areas where I wish they would improve. Some of the very basic editing features still miss. The big thing however, is that they got to fix batch editing. One of the things that drive me nuts, and have been ever since it first came out is that I can’t tell it to auto tune all the images I have selected. Or most other things I often do on many pictures at once. The only way to solve it that I have found is to make keyboard maestro macros that look for a pre defined number of times.


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Learning Clojure could make you a better Java or C# programmer.

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When you get into Clojure, you get really good at doing some stuff. Like for example writing small functions that do one thing really well in as little code as possilble, while still being robust. A part of this means that the function itself is made to be used together with other functions.

I think this will make you a better programmer in any langage. Because you kind of learn or get into the act of just writing a lot of small functions that you use all over. Instead of writing the same stuff over and over.

That is the first way where you become a better programmer. The other is about data. Once you get into the idea that data is not something that is changed, it could become something you use a lot in any language to avoid weird bugs. It is a lot easier to write immutable code with Clojure than other languages, because their api have been made to do just that. But you can still do a lot to move in that direction in most good languages (I’m looking at you Python).


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