07.08.2018 20:08

Liked: MacDrifter: OmniFocus 3


07.08.2018 11:21

Liked: A little Clojure-like LISP in JavaScript.

Ignore what they say, watch what they do.

07.08.2018 10:00

If you really want to get an idea of how people act you need to stop listenting to what they tell you and watch how they act. Especially when things don’t go like they would like it to go.

For example when you quit or something like that.

It is very easy to say that you do the right thing, and it is easier to do that when shit go like you would like them to. But how you act when things go bad is when you get the real picture.

People might say shit like “this company is like family”. But my expereince is that that is only true when it is an advantage for management or the company.


07.08.2018 09:39

Liked: A practical introduction to functional programming


07.08.2018 09:38

Liked: Little Lisp interpreter


07.08.2018 09:38

Liked: Where Vim Came From


06.08.2018 19:31

Liked: Apple has removed Infowars podcasts from iTunes

Back to Spacemacs.

06.08.2018 10:00

I have gone full circle, first Spacemacs, then Doom and finally my own thingø before I went back to Spacemacs.

It was a lot of fun, and I got a lot out of it.

Te mai nreason I went back is that Spacemacs have a lot of really nice tiny details that would be really hard to re+implement by myself. And they have improved some of the problems I had with it since I left.

For example start time is a lot better.

Five step guide to pen addiction

06.08.2018 10:00

  1. Get a pack of Field Notes, a Leuchtturm1917 A5 notebook and a Retro 1.
  2. Get a Pilot Metropolitan
  3. Get a bottle or Iroshizuku ink.
  4. Get a TWSBI Eco
  5. Get a Lamy 2000.


04.08.2018 20:48

Text Expander and Emacs doesn’t play that nice together out of the box, because of keyboard input related reasons. The snippet below makes a lot nicer. Not perfect, but better.