29.08.2018 10:00

My number one frustrating game. I love it so much, and I hate it even more.

This game feel like programming. It is so frustrating, and it feels so good when you finally move an inch in the right direction. Not for everyone, but so good.


29.08.2018 09:09

Some comments to @jack’s post: The Downsides of a Static Site Generator Baty:

I have to agree that most people want something else than a static site generator, but I do not think most people should go for WordPress either; a host like or Squarespace looks like a much better fit, because they are much easier to use and you don’t have to keep them updated.

When people say that PHP is a lot easier to install than go, ruby or what ever they are wrong. It might be easier to find a One Click Installer type host for WordPress than it is for something like Hugo. Still, PHP is a fucking pain in the ass to install.

The Speed thing. Loading a static HTML file is faster, will always be faster than running dynamic code and fetching stuff from a database. There is no question. It is faster. It requires some compromises to do it that way, but from a pure speed perspective: faster.

And the big bad question: databases or a bunch of markdown files?

As a programmer it is much easier to work with a database than a million text files. If you have to deal with thousands of text files you either have to implement some kind of cache or accept how slow it is. On the other hand it is much easier for a power user to deal with than a database.

Because we have a few different alternatives that can be the result of a database as storage versus flat files as storage.

  1. Dynamic site with SQL as backend
  2. Dynamic site with flat files as backend
  3. Static site with SQL as backend
  4. Static site with flat files as backend.

The advantage of a static site is that the hosting is a lot simpler, you just need a web server and that’s it, while the advantage of a dynamic site is that you can do a lot of interesting things with it that is either very difficult or impossible with a static one. Like API’s, admin panels, to see what you are writing straight away on your site, or features that require two way interaction between the site and the user, like comments or webshops.

None of the options are better than the other, it all depends on priorities, preferences and what kind of site you have and what kind of user of it you are.


29.08.2018 09:08

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29.08.2018 09:08

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28.08.2018 11:24

Liked: BBEdit Clojure language module based on the newlisp package by Seth Dillingham and Pete B. Anonymous.

Mario Odessy

28.08.2018 10:00

This is the first 3D Mario game I have played moer than a little bit. But I did play a ridicolus amount of the first Mario game growing up.

This game is a very good first game to get for the Switch. It is a open world game, but not 100% open like Zelda. It is a lot of fun, difficult, but not too difficult.

And you can continue playing it for a really long time if you’re into it. Because you can continue playing it after you beat Trump, ehh I mean Bowser.


28.08.2018 09:26

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28.08.2018 09:16

Seems like Leuchtturm1917 have updated the design of their A5 notebooks.


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Liked: mdx-js/mdx: JSX in Markdown for ambitious projects