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How I use Instapaper

11.09.2018 10:00

If I find something of interest and it has a link I add it to Instapaper.

Then, as I am reading each of the links I either read it and archive it or I move it to OmniFocus if it is something that I want to do something more with, like sharing it on my blog or buying it or testing out some programming thing.

A lot of links move through my Instapaper each month, but I try to reach zero at least once or twice each month to keep it under control.


10.09.2018 10:00

I left Instapaper a year and a half ago. For various reasons, the most important one was that there was some weird issues with the app that seems to be solved now. Long story short, I used the app like normal for a while, but after a certain number of articles it was just “blank”, and then I had to force quit and start it again to continue.

After Instapaper I tried Pocket, still I hate how that app looks. I really hate it. Then I just used Pinboard for a long time. Before I got back to Instapaper when it became available again after the GDPR problems.

The reason I came back is that Instapaper has a reading experience that is better than everything else. And that is what matters the most.

I still think the having all your links in one place archive aspects of Pinboard are interesting, and I continue to import all of my stuff from Instapaper to Pinboard a few times a month.

Why is the site called The Ink Smudge?

10.09.2018 10:00

When I use a fountain pen I always end up with ink all over the side of my left hand, and the ink end up being all over my fingers when I refill any of my pens. Also: when I use a pencil I end up having graphite all over my hands.

The Ink Smudge is one part a description of how it looks when I use writing instruments, and one part a metaphor for my writing. I’m a little bit messy when I use pen and paper, and my writing is also a little bit messy. Some people write, and edit, and edit and work on their blog posts until they end with a beautiful piece of art. I just get an idea, write it and schedule it for publishing. There are times I have to re-write some of it. But I’m not the kind of person that try to write something perfect like that.


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