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Apple Bracelet

21.09.2018 10:00

I just ordered a new Apple Watch. I’m getting more into that another time. This is not something I think Apple would do, but I would prefer some kind of bracelet style fitness band to a smart watch any day of the week. In the same way I would prefer a smaller smart phone to the huge ones we have today.

The reason I would prefer a bracelet, if it gave me the same fitness features, is that then I could use my old school watch that I love. It is aprently some fashion no-no to have one watch on each hand…

Nock Co Pencil case

21.09.2018 10:00

When I got into pencils (a few hours later) I started to look into a pencil case of some sort. It seems like most go for a roll of some sort, with induvidual slots for each pencil or a puch where you can stick how many you wish.

Then you have a lot of leather, or either very cheap or expensive non-leather materials.

My first thought after trying to navigate this is that this is exactly how it was with pen cases before Nock Co.

So, I just found a cheap pen case at home, you know the kind you used when you went to High School. And used that until I found something that matched my criteria

  • Not leather
  • Not overpriced
  • Not cheap.

Then Nock Co made a pencil case. And I love this thing. It is very inexpensive, $15 (Blackwing makes something similar for $35), and the quality is the same as all other Nock.co products.

It is simple, and exactly what I want.


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