21.09.2018 21:07

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Apple Bracelet

21.09.2018 10:00

I just ordered a new Apple Watch. I’m getting more into that another time. This is not something I think Apple would do, but I would prefer some kind of bracelet style fitness band to a smart watch any day of the week. In the same way I would prefer a smaller smart phone to the huge ones we have today.

The reason I would prefer a bracelet, if it gave me the same fitness features, is that then I could use my old school watch that I love. It is aprently some fashion no-no to have one watch on each hand…

Nock Co Pencil case

21.09.2018 10:00

When I got into pencils (a few hours later) I started to look into a pencil case of some sort. It seems like most go for a roll of some sort, with induvidual slots for each pencil or a puch where you can stick how many you wish.

Then you have a lot of leather, or either very cheap or expensive non-leather materials.

My first thought after trying to navigate this is that this is exactly how it was with pen cases before Nock Co.

So, I just found a cheap pen case at home, you know the kind you used when you went to High School. And used that until I found something that matched my criteria

  • Not leather
  • Not overpriced
  • Not cheap.

Then Nock Co made a pencil case. And I love this thing. It is very inexpensive, $15 (Blackwing makes something similar for $35), and the quality is the same as all other Nock.co products.

It is simple, and exactly what I want.


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20.09.2018 10:00

One of the first things you learn when you start to study philosophy is how difficult it is to write a definition.

Because you want to write a definition in a way where it stands on its own, where you don’t need to understand a million other things to get it. While at the same time making sure that you don’t include anything you don’t want to include and not exlucde anything you don’t want to exclude.

This is the reason legal stuff is hard. Laws are just a collection of complicated defintions.

This is why it is hard to write a law, that does exactly what you want it to do in the legal system. It’s kind of like programming. You know what you want it to do, but getting there can be difficult and complicated with a lot of external factors out of your control.


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