15.11.2018 09:00

I set up a Mastadon handle for myself last weekend, but never got around to writing about it: If it’s you thing, I’ll probably never get into Mastadon, because it stresses me out like Twitter does.


12.11.2018 09:00

I have never been a huge fan of what some call “wireless charging” and other call inductive charging, the key principle is that instead of plugging it in you place it on top of some kind of surface that can charge it. Kind of similar to how the Apple Watch charger works. What I don’t like about it is that it charges much slower and that it is too easy for someone (like my dog) to knock it off a little, resulting in it not charging.

While I still think my main argument still is true, and valid, I think inductive charging has its place. For example at desk, where I ideally would like to charge my iPhone and AirPod case while sitting there, but I would never bother to plug and unplug them many times a day. This is a place where I would think that inductive charging really shines. Except for the fact that the AirPod case don’t support Qci.

A while ago I bought a IKEA desk lamp with support for inductive charging. And I love it.

I don’t think it is a good idea to replace regular charging with inductive is the way to go, because there are times when you just want to charge as fast as possible. But I do think that having this really convenient slow charge is awesome, when you don’t care if it takes 2 or 3 hours to charge your device.

How I use Pencils

12.11.2018 09:00

I almost never sharpen pencils on the go. The way I deal with sharpening them is that I have somewhere between 12 and 24 pencils in rotation. I carry them all in my Nock Pencil Pouch; I don’t remember what it is called. I sharpen them on both sides.

I use them until they are too dull, and then I put it in one of the pockets of my Tom Bihn Plot bag. And when I get home, I sharpen them and put them back in the case.

I also always have a pencil in the spine of my Belroy Field Notes case.

What I usually do is that I keep pencils in regular rotation until they are short enough to fit in there without the point sticking out. Then I reserve them for pocket uuse until they get too short to be comfortable to write with. At that point I just throw them out and find the next short one to use.

At the moment I use Golden Bears and the Pink Blackwing Volumes.

My main pencil is the Golden Bear, but I try to test out most of the other big popular pencils one by one, to have an informed opinion about them.

I actually get a full box of every pencil I want to try, because I think that you actually have to use a few of them before you have an opinion. Because I often really like a pencil for the first 3-4 of them, and then I get over the initial excitment and realize that they are really scratchy or really soft. And get annoyed.

Field Notes Bellory Cover

08.11.2018 09:00

This have taken a really long time. I think I started to look for a cover for my Field Notes the day after I got my first pack in May or June 2013. I came from using some really thick hardover Moleskine pocket sized notebooks. And even though Field Notes was a lot better in many ways, especially paper quality and the smaller page number made them much more portable, there was something about the hardcover I really missed. Mainly that I new they would not fall apart, and that I did not rely as much on having a desk to write.

Over these five and half years, I have looked at more or less every single cover that fits Field Notes at least once. But I never pulled the trigger. I’m not sure why, but I never did it.

I finally did so a while back. And I went for the Belroy Field Notes cover. I’m really happy with it this far. It protects my Field Notes, and adds additional stiffness, without a lot of extra bulk. Also, the cover makes it really easy to carry a small pen or a pencil in the spin. One additional feature the Belroy has is two pockets on one side made to let you carry either Credit Cards or Index Cards.

I regret not getting this thing before, but I really like this thing. And as a bonus the cover protects my pencil a little bit, something that means I break way less pencilpoints each week.

If you should get this cover or not depends, I really like it because I can use this instead of a FN Cover plus the Talluah. But you might want to get something a little bit different if you don’t want to carry Index Cards.

Apple Watch Series 4

05.11.2018 09:00

My old, cracked, and worn out Apple Watch Series 1 got replaced on Friday.

I got it two years ago instead of the Series 2 because I was not sure if I would like it or not. The fact that I have worn it every single day for over two years proves that I did like it. But, I would still prefer to use a bracelet if Apple made one.

As always I got the Space Gray, I went for the 44mm model with a Sportsloop. I used a Natoband from Clockwork synergy and sportsbands with my previous Watch. I prefered the Natoband because it was much more comfortable to use, but the Sportsbands are much easier to keep clean. But none of them last forever. The Natoband just looks like it have been used a lot, and the sportsbands holes have widened out so it isn’t as secure as it once was.

I suspect the same problem will occour with the sportsloop in time. I’ll probably have to replace it in a year or so.

What I love about using a Apple Watch is that it keeps me motivated to at leat try to not just sit around not doing anything. And it have motivated me for a really long time now. The two big issues I had with my old one however was that it was really slow and a little bit big. And I got to say that all of that is solved with the current model. It is fast enough for me to consider using some real apps on it.

Also it feels very light. Before I got my Apple Watch, I had a Seiko Quartz watch, made out of titanium. It was really light. Like having nothing on your wrist. This is close to that. Part of it is the weight, but I suspect it is almost as much about it being thinner.


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