14.02.2020 21:51

Wiki updates

09.02.2020 20:04

I have moved my wiki off from hugo to being one large HTML document instead. My friend @eli first did it, and I decided to do the same myself. The reason is that I write my wiki as a large org file, and this kind of output reflects what I see it as


07.02.2020 19:35

Notes after listening to ATP 364

07.02.2020 13:44

I don’t listen to any tech podcasts anymore, because they bore me to death. The closest is probably Go time, a podcast about the Go Programming Language. But @eli talked about how dumb the hosts were being so I decided to listen and post my reactions to it.

  • Oh my fucking god. So much talk about all kinds of bullshit…
  • SwiftUI
  • Who the fuck writes a view that is hundred or hundreds of lines.
    • Clean code and Single Responsibility FTW
  • Weird stuff is hard with declarative models because declarative programming tries to force you to not doing weird stuff, and weird stuff is almost always a bad idea.
  • Declarative programming is hard, but not impossible.
  • There is plenty of good examples of good patterns to follow if you look at for example react.
  • Even though three gumpy old rich white men don’t think so, there are clean ways to use it
  • I think John is the only one who gets it
  • Marco struggles with anything new, as always. He is like a cobol programmer
  • Homebrew
  • Marco is all wrong.
  • Homebrew works well most of the time, and things rarely break as long as you keep things up to date. It might be broken for a few days here and there. But I almost never experience it, and I upgrade my system multiple times a week.
  • John builds from source, and that is the most John thing ever. HA


31.01.2020 18:19

Recent stuff on my wiki

26.01.2020 06:57

I’ll try to do this each week. But it will probably more like most weeks. Just a recep of what I have been doing on my wiki. Last week I worked a lot of the template to make it show everything more likea a outline inside of a large cloud of entries and tags. And I also updated most of the pages in it. Plus that I re-organized everything into a intial structure.

This week I have added a reviews section and posted five new drafts I had ready to it.


25.01.2020 13:05


17.01.2020 20:35

Stickers on my MacBook

14.01.2020 04:44

The current sticker situation of my MacBook Escape

The year of the wiki

12.01.2020 08:06

I have spent the wiki re-organizing my wiki, and adding some features and fixing some bugs I introduced this weekend. Also updated some stuff. All of it have been on my list of a while. The next thing will be to go through everything and update it.

My main focus moving forward will be my wiki, and most of my writing will be there and not this blog. The reason is that I’m less and less interested in the single timeline a blog has. Instead I’m more and more interested in adding small pages in nester hierarchies, nested together with tags. Some of it will be kept up to date, while others will not.

Something I feel about blogging in 2020 is that the main focus is “now”, while the whole body of work is much more hidden, and most of us spend little time looking at the body of posts. A large part of this is a design problem. Something I am trying to do something different with on my wiki.