What ‘MacKeeper’ is and why you should avoid it

25.01.2015 01:00


But the real problems with MacKeeper that I can see is that it provides questionable value to most users, can destabilize an otherwise stable Mac, and embeds itself so thoroughly into the operating system that removing it is an uncomfortable and weird process.


Write for Yourself, Edit for Your Reader

25.01.2015 01:00

Shawn Blanc:

At the root of most bad writing, Stephen King says you’ll find fear. It’s fear — or timidity — that holds a writer back from doing her best creative work.


Learning Cursive Handwriting All Over Again

18.01.2015 01:00

My history with New Year’s Resolutions is kind of sketchy. Some years I’ll be somewhat vague and sort of proclaim I’ll exercise more, eat healthier, worry less or something else not very specific. As one would expect, those types of ill-defined resolutions aren’t very effective. Some years I’m very specific. Many years ago, I decided I would no longer eat donuts (I know, what was I thinking?). The donut ban stuck for four or five years until I cracked for some amazing donut I don’t even remember. This year I’m going to be very clear and finally do something I’ve been thinking about for quite some time. I’m going to relearn cursive.

I might do the same, one day.


Omni Productivity Pack coming to iPhone in Q1, 2015

18.01.2015 01:00

All of Omni’s currently shipping iPad apps will be updated to be Universal apps, designed to feel at home on both iPad and iPhone. If you already own any of our current iPad apps, you will soon be able to use them on your iPhone at no additional cost.


We really appreciate the early support from those of you who have already purchased OmniFocus 2 for both iPhone and iPad. To show that appreciation in a concrete way, we will be offering a $10 rebate once the Universal app has shipped so that you won’t have paid any more for the two apps than someone who buys the Universal app.

Great news. I have been waiting for a iPhone version of OmniOutliner, since the iPad version came out. This is fantastic.

This reflects my impressions since the iPhone 6 plus came out. And that is that the division between iPhone and iPad is despairing.

I still believe that one should always make the best possible iPhone app, and the best possible iPad app, like OmniFocus and Fantastical. Both are examples of how to make something work really well, on different devices. The future might be three devices. One interface for iPhone, one for the 6 plus size and one for the iPad.

I don’t think this is the end of great iPad or great iPhone interfaces. But I hope it’s the end of having to buy separate iPhone and iPad apps.


Overcast’s 2014 sales numbers

18.01.2015 01:00


I’ve decided that the potential educational and market-research benefits to others of adding Overcast to the mix will be greater than the risk of people thinking I’m an asshole for doing so. I hope this is helpful to anyone researching the indie iOS market or thinking about entering it.

Fantastic post, I have enjoyed how more and more small developers are sharing their numbers. I think it all started with Unread. Great post, you should check it out!


PDFPen 7

18.01.2015 01:00

PDFPen 7 is out. A great update to my favorite PDF app. I have been using it since I discovered it on Mac Power Users back in the day. The great thing about PDFPen is that you can buy a fully featured PDF app, even though you only need it a few times a year.

It won’t cost you a fortune, something I can’t say, for Adobe’s PDF apps.

Great app, check it out!


Siri Improvements

18.01.2015 01:00

John Gruber:

My point here isn’t “Siri is better than Google Voice Search”, or even “Siri is as good as Google Voice Search”. Once you get past the superficial level, they’re different enough that it’s hard to make a blanket one-is-better-than-the-other comparison. I’d even agree that Google Voice Search is better at many complex queries, and, further, that “What’s the temperature?” is a very simple question.


The Perfect Laptop

18.01.2015 01:00

Ben Brooks:

The first thing we have to realize is that there is no perfect laptop. What is perfect for one person won’t be for another. It all depends on your values (speed, size, battery, screen, etc).

I have read many boring, a few interesting and many boring posts about the 12″ Macbook Air runmor the last few weeks. I don’t agree with everything in this one, but I agree with the general point. There is no perfect laptop.


Macbook Air rumors.

11.01.2015 01:00

There have been a lot of talk about the recent Macbook Air rumors lately. Both Jason Snell and John Gruber have written excellent posts about it.

The Macbook Air is my favorite Apple device. It delivers something magical. You get the best battery capasity possible. And you also get a very capable laptop, with all the same ports and power that you get in the more expensive retina models. The only difference I see between the two is the screen and power. There are a few tasks when you notice it. Photoshop, Lightroom, Logic and Xcode. But it’s enough for almost everyone.

The rumor presents soemthing new. I don’t think it is something that could replace the current Macbook Air line; and I really hope it doesn’t. It seems more like something between the iPad and 11″ Air. There should be a cheap and very capable entry level mac; the 13″ Macbook Air is that. You have everything from USB to a SD slot.

I don’t think this rumor will lead anywhere. And a keyboard case from Apple, with a full sized keybarod that made it feel more like a laptop would be a lot more interesting that this.

Some people really want a Macbook Air with a retina screen; I’m not one of them. The retina models are more expensive, and their focus is a fantastic screen and more power under the hood. While the Macbook Air have another set of priorities; good enough, price and battery.


The 2014 Panic Report

08.01.2015 01:00

Panic is a great software company, and they have made some of my all time favorite iOS and OS X apps. This blog post is amazing. I think it’s great to see how open they are, and to see them highlight some of the problems with iOS vs OS X.

Check it out!