8 Logical Fallacies That Fuel Anti-Science Sentiments

07.02.2015 01:00

Absolutely fantastic! It explains most of the problems with the idiots that don’t “believe” in climate change or evolution.


A Story Of Office Subterfuge — The Pen Addict

07.02.2015 01:00

The Pen Addict:

All twenty-four. GONE. In seven working days (not counting days the office was closed for Christmas and New Year’s.

About a hundred people share this particular supply closet, which is a lot. But for FOUNTAIN PENS to disappear that quickly? I couldn’t believe it. People had actually taken them to use. This only served to increase the audacity, the sheer madness of my next move. I didn’t plan it. I hadn’t thought about it. But in the moment, it seemed right.

I took a Post-it note, stuck it on the now-empty Pilot Varsity box and scribbled (hoping I was disguising my handwriting) “Please reorder. Thanks!” My heart was pounding. I felt like I had crossed some line, violated some rule. It was a little silly – I know some people ask for specific pens or paper from time to time, and my company generally will try to accommodate. Requests for staplers, tape dispensers, letter trays, wall calendars and white boards are generally approved without any raised eyebrows. But still, I had hacked the system! I had introduced a foreign life-form, and now I was hoping the office supply ecosystem would accept this new animal.

A week later, this.

Three fresh new boxes of Pilot Varsities. It worked. I couldn’t believe it.

What I don’t yet know is if fountain pens are on the regular re-order rotation yet. I will be monitoring the inventory to see if folks are still taking them, and I’ll be keeping a sharp eye to see if I can spot people using the pens they’ve acquired.


Confederate Flag Hags — Real Time with Bill Maher Blog

07.02.2015 01:00

Bill Maher:

If you’re a white guy, living in Texas, driving a pickup truck with a shotgun rack and a “Nobama” bumper sticker, isn’t the Confederate flag license plate a little redundant? We get it. You’re a redneck. I don’t know how we’re going to find moderate rebels in Syria when you can’t even find a moderate rebel here in America.

Oh, wait. I found a moderate rebel: Robert E. Lee. General Lee – whose birthday was a week ago – was not a big fan of the Confederate flag. Writing for The Daily Beast, Jonathan Horn points out that, after surrendering the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia in April 1865, Lee took an oath to support the US Constitution and advised fellow former Confederates to follow suit. So take that, Dukes of Hazard.


Darkwater – Matt Gemmell

07.02.2015 01:00

A fantastic, but strong post. Just read it.


Gordon’s Tech

07.02.2015 01:00

Gordon’s Tech:

There’s no iOS backup feature.

Yeah, I hear your scoff, but iCloud Backup is not Backup. It’s a system clone. If you delete Contacts accidentally, you can’t readily restore Contacts of, say, 3 days before. When my sister accidentally deleted most of her contacts she had no way to restore them from iCloud.

Yeah, we need real backup. What we have is not good enough, but still better than nothing.


John Cleese on Stupidity – YouTube

07.02.2015 01:00

One of my favorite video’s by John Cleese. It’s so funny, and points out something I kind of have been thinking a few times.


Just write | The Cramped

07.02.2015 01:00

“Take out another notebook, pick up another pen, and just write, just write, just write. In the middle of the world, make one positive step. In the center of the chaos, make one definitive act. Just write. Say yes, stay alive, be awake. Just write, just write, just write.”

— Natalie Goldberg in Writing Down The Bones

This is the book that made me go from that dumbass that called himself a writer, to the guy that have spent too many hours either typing into a computer or writing in a notebook; or writing on my iOS device.

This is the book that started it all. I first heard about it on Back to Work, many years ago. I have the e-book, and I have the audiobook. It is like GTD for writing, for me.

You need to read it.


Queen Elizabeth II once terrorized King Abdullah — by driving him around – Vox

07.02.2015 01:00


That’s right: Queen Elizabeth basically spent an afternoon using her military-grade driving skills to haze the crown prince of Saudi Arabia.


Quick Tip

07.02.2015 01:00

Bradley Chambers, The Sweet Setup:

Do you ever look at the free space on your Mac Hard Drive (Click the Apple Logo → About This Mac → Storage) and wonder what is taking up all that space? It happens to me all the time. DaisyDisk is my favorite tool for doing a deep dive into what is on my hard drive.

DaisyDisk is a great tool, for exactly one job: to figure out where all your disk space have gone.

I first heard about it on Mac Power Users a very long time ago. And I have used it ever since. It used to be the kind of tool I only needed because of software development. But I think everyone should have it today.

The reason is very simple. Most of us have SSD drives today. And that means: less space. I went from 1TB to 256GB. I used to operate with a buffer that was the same as the available space on my current drive.

Don’t buy daisy disk today, but wait for the next time you think: where did all my hard drive space go?


The Town Where Everyone Got Free Money | Motherboard

07.02.2015 01:00


Between 1974 and 1979, the Canadian government tested the idea of a basic income guarantee (BIG) across an entire town, giving people enough money to survive in a way that no other place in North America has before or since. For those four years—until the project was cancelled and its findings packed away—the town’s poorest residents were given monthly checks that supplemented what modest earnings they had and rewarded them for working more. And for that time, it seemed that the effects of poverty began to melt away. Doctor and hospital visits declined, mental health appeared to improve, and more teenagers completed high school.

I have been a huge fan of negative income tax, for a very long time. And this article proves a lot of my arguments for it.

It is a great idea, you give everyone enough money for survival, and you can remove many of the complicated welfare programs we have. And people that would like more money, have to earn it.

The important part is: negative income tax. This means that you either get all or parts of it as cash, or you get all or parts of it as a tax deduction.

I think Switzerland is implementing something like this.