On Peace.

20.09.2015 02:00

One of the first things I started looking for when iOS 9 came out was a good Content Blocker, not because I hate ads, but I hate trackers and intrusive ads. And I went for Marco’s Peace(original blog post), because I like Marco, and because all the apps he have released previously have been excellet, and Peace is not an exception.

Today, I’m launching my own iOS 9 content blocker, called Peace, to bring peace, quiet, privacy, and — as a nice side benefit — ludicrous speed to iOS web browsing.

One of the problems with Peace was that it didn’t have a way to add exceptions(yet), and Marco had to take the difficult decition between blocking the ads he has on his site, that most of his friends also have, The Deck, which are doing it the right way, or to follow the Ghostery database as it is.

As he writes in his blogpost about the topic:

And once I looked at it like that, it wasn’t a difficult decision. It’s uncomfortable, but I’d rather be consistent and fair.

The sad thing is that Marco pull’ed the app only two days after it was released.

I know pulling Peace from the store after just two days is going to be an immensely unpopular move, and subject me to a torrent of unpleasantness. But that’ll end soon enough, and that’s better than how I’d feel if I kept going.

He is obviously walking a way from a lot of money, which is something I really admire. I always respect people that do what makes them happy, instead of what makes them the most happy. But I don’t think Marco deserved the amout of bullshit he got because of Peace, it was a good app, and the ad industry have themselves to thank for ad blocking becoming a thing.


Apple confirms new international pricing for iCloud storage, but you can’t get it yet | 9to5Mac

17.09.2015 02:00

After announcing significantly more generous pricing for iCloud storage last week, but showing only U.S. costs, Apple today confirmed international pricing for the simplified three-tier structure.

Great. It is nice to see that Apple finally have changed their prices for cloud storage, for the better. Their old prices was so ridiculously overpriced that it wasn’t even a little bit funny. The new prices are good, and comparable to the rest of the industry. My only complaint is that the free tire should be larger.


Multitask with Omni and iOS 9 – The Omni Group

17.09.2015 02:00

The OmniGroup are embracing the new iOS 9 features from day one, which is fantastic. They are the Apple productivity software company, and I can’t wait to see what they do with the iPad Pro.



17.09.2015 02:00

Block web ads and privacy-invading trackers on iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch®, powered by data from Ghostery®.

Marco made another app!

I just installed Peace, and it works great. No fancy settings, and it wasn’t hard to get it working. Exactly what you expect from Marco. And it is powered by Ghostery, a fantastic company, and I have used their Safari extension for a while.

You don’t need to look any further if you want a Content Blocker that just works.


patrickrhone / journal » Blog Archive » Who are you in the future

16.09.2015 02:00

I encourage you to try this exercise yourself. At the very least, it will help you see for yourself what things are important enough to you today to make sure are a part of your future.


An nvALT (and more) status report – BrettTerpstra.com

15.09.2015 02:00

nvALT will (probably) see one more update. We (David Halter and I) fixed the majority of bugs that cropped up with OS 10.10 almost a year ago. The source on GitHub is up to date, but we haven’t gotten around to putting out an official update. I haven’t tested it on 10.11 yet, so if there are some minor patches needed to get that smoothed out, they’ll go out with that release when it’s ready.

I really look forward to the final update, and I can’t wait for the successor. nvALT is probably the mac app I rely the most on. And the lack of updates have been worrying.


Hands-on with the iPad Pro’s Smart Keyboard | Macworld

15.09.2015 02:00

Jason Snell, writing for Macworld:

Would I want to write a novel on the Smart Keyboard or the iPad Pro’s touchscreen keyboard? No, I suppose I wouldn’t. But I’m pretty sure that I could absolutely do so with the Smart Keyboard–and I’d certainly benefit from having a physical keyboard with me all the time, not just when I had the time and inclination to tote along an external Bluetooth keyboard.

That’s good enough for me.


Introducing Club MacStories – MacStories

15.09.2015 02:00

Club MacStories offers exclusive access to extra MacStories content, delivered every week. At $5/month or $50/year, our most loyal readers will be able to enjoy some great perks.

I would, without doubt have subscribed to this, if I had a little bit more money at the moment. Macstories is great, and the weekly newsletter have been fantastic.


One Foot Tsunami

15.09.2015 02:00

Finally, it will be possible to flip someone off via emoji.


Computer Science Courses that Don’t Exist, But Should

14.09.2015 02:00

Discover how to create and use variables that aren’t inside of an object hierarchy. Learn about “functions,” which are like methods but more generally useful. Prerequisite: Any course that used the term “abstract base class.”

Hahaha! Fantastic.