Pilot Iroshizuku Ina-Ho Ink Review

15.12.2015 01:00

```text Jenny Mason: ```


Ina-ho translated into English means ‘rice ear’ a name that I found very unusual. After a quick google search the name makes perfect sense. I think this ink colour is great for the Autumn/Winter season. It is a subdued brown/gold colour with some small hints of green. This is perfect for writing Christmas cards and looks great in my Hobonichi Techo for the winter journal entries.


```text Interesting colour, its not something I would go for personally. But I think the Pilot Iroshizuku inks are very cool. I got my first bottle today; the Take-sumi of course. You can go wrong, and you can either be like me and buy a large 50ml bottle or get smaller sets with three different colours. ```

```text I have state this before, but I am a black ink person, it isn’t often that I write with anything else. The only time I consider getting something else, than my beloved black, is when I look at the Iroshizuku inks. ```

Review The Apple Silicone Case

11.12.2015 01:00

I have been using my new iPhone 6s Plus for a week and a day now. The case I picked when I ordered it was the Red Silicone Case from Apple. And I have to say: it is the best case I have used so far.

The week I have used this case is the longest I have used any case with any iPhone. I have never been a fan of them. It was never a design thing, it was more about them adding bulk and making it a slower process to go from in my pocket to having it unlocked and doing something.

I chose to go for a case this time since almost everyone I heard from in real life, on twitter, on blogs and podcasts that used to have naked iPhones went for a case with their 6 / 6 Plus. So I went with the case that had the best results in most reviews.

The cases I have used before is: The Apple 4/4s bumper and I also used a sleeve with my iPhone 4s for a while(a two or three days).

The verdict thus far is that this case is very good, and almost necessary for something as slippery and heavy as the iPhone 6s Plus. I love how the silicone feels when I hold it, and it isn’t so minimal that my phone isn’t properly protected, while at the same time providing good protection.

There is one thing that I think is annoying about it, though: it is a little bit too much friction when I try to slide it up from my pocket.

But over all, the Apple Silicone Case is what I would recommend for any iPhone 6 model.

I will test out another case this weekend. And that is the Book Book; I need a new wallet, and I think it is the time I am considering a wallet case for a phone. There are two reasons for this, the iPhone 6s Plus is already big, and the Book Book makes is so easy to pull it out of the case, that it isn’t a hassle, when I’m writing or something like that.



09.12.2015 01:00

```text Edjelly: ```


Absolutely. The Lamy 2000 is a great value for a solid, dependable workhorse fountain pen. It never gets pushed aside, and for me, it’s almost always in use. Several years later, I’m still just as excited to write with it as when I opened up the package for the first time. I’ve since purchased an all original 1960’s Lamy 2000 and a new Stainless Steel model as well. This particular 2000 was my first, and I doubt it will be my last!


```text I have used mine almost a year now, and I never go anywhere without it. The only time I have gone more than a few hours without it was when I went to England in May. ```

Pens! Paper! Pencils!

09.12.2015 01:00

```text Pens! Paper! Pencils!: ```


Pilot Iroshizuku Take-Sumi is a great black, flat and neutral in tone, like a lump of coal. It’s not as black as, say, Aurora Black but it’s not far off. I really like this one.


```text This ink have been on the list, for the next time I am ordering inks. I just love the black, and the bottle is absolutely gorgeous. ```


09.12.2015 01:00

```text The New York Times: ```


So yes, Kurt Vonnegut: simplicity, in grammar as in all things, is a virtue, not to be sneezed at. But I can’t agree that semicolons represent absolutely nothing; they represent, for me anyway, the pleasure in discovering that no piece of writing advice, however stark, however beloved its deliverer, should ever be adopted mindlessly.


```text Fantastic article, about my favorite punctuation mark. ```

Today is Journal Day

09.12.2015 01:00

```text The Cramped: ```


My plan for celebrating the day (which, truthfully, I started last night) is to open up past year’s journals, logs, and notes and tease out any ideas that may have gotten lost in the shuffle and see what I might want to put into action the coming year. On August 10, 2014 I noted that my wife and I were a pretty good canoe team after a jaunt out on the lake at our family cabin and that, perhaps, we should go canoeing more often here in town. There are plenty of lakes with canoe rental in town and it would be a lovely way to spend some more time together. I had forgotten this so, now, I can make it a part of my intentions for the coming year.


My pen blog.

08.12.2015 01:00

I started a new pen blog a few weeks ago, it had at that point been in the words for a few months, and in the planning a few months before then. The motivation for spinning the occational pen and paper posts out of this site is simple:

  • It didn’t really fit in with the rest of what I was doing here

  • It frees me up to write more about pen and paper related topics, because it has a proper home.

Check it out over at The Ink Smudge


iPhone 5s Review

08.12.2015 01:00

I got my new iPhone a week ago, and thought I would round off the life of my old iPhone with a review. The purpose of most reviews are some form of “should I buy it”, the purpose of this review is more in the light “what do I really think about the device after countless hours of use”.

There are many things I really love about the iPhone 5s, Touch ID is fantastic, and so is the camera, and the performance was pretty good all the way to the end. But there are also some things I don’t like. I think the iPhone 5 and 5s form factor is a horrible compromise and the worst of two worlds, I would rather like to have a bigger screen or the previous size. You can see another tweet or e-mail on the screen, and that is more or less it; while you get a more balanced and efficient screen size on the 4s and previous models(efficient in terms of how fast one can navigate the interface).

The design is okay, I think the look is okay, but I honestly prefer the heavier feel of the 4s to the 5s ridiculously light weight.

I use all of my devices pretty hard, I listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks at least 10 hours per day, and sometimes all the time I’m not writing, showering or sleeping. They have a rough life: I drop them, I use them outside in the very cold Norwegian winter climate, and in the very wet and rainy weather here in Bergen. And I do think it is impressive that any piece of electronics are still working after 18 months, but the iPhone 4s is up until this point the device that survived with the most grace.


iPhone 6s Plus First Impressions

08.12.2015 01:00

I got my new iPhone a week ago. This is the first time I have spent a large amount of time trying to decide which device to get. The reason is the different sizes. I prefer the 3.5 inc screen over the 4 inc, 4.7 inc and 5.5 inc screens; the reason is simple: I can get stuff done much faster on the size than the others, and the 4 and 4.7 doesn’t give me enough extra space for the trade off to be worth it. That is the reason is went for the plus.

I got the space grey 64 GB iPhone 6s Plus, with a red Apple Silicone case, and I think it is fantastic.

This is what I think of the device this far:

  • The battery is fantastic. I always have a charger in my jacket and at work, I don’t think I need any of that anymore.

  • The camera handles poor light pretty well, much better than anything I have used before; the only way I get any better results is with a DSLR, manual controls and a good flash.

  • The screen size is fantastic. This is the first phone where I can write with two thumbs in portrait, and the landscape keyboard is fantastic. You notice that this is a freaking huge phone, but Apple have done many of the right compromises to make as good as possible.

  • The weight is also good.


10 Gifts For The Fountain Pen Enthusiast

06.12.2015 01:00

```text Goulet Pens Blog: ```


The fountain pen enthusiast in your life may prove to be one of the most difficult people to shop for!  They already have quite the fountain pen and ink collection, leaving you unsure what to get them. We took the guesswork out of your shopping by hand selecting gifts sure to please the person in your life who loves all things related to fountain pens! Maybe you’ll even find something for yourself too…


```text A great place to start, and a good link to send the ones that have to buy you gifts. ```