Three inks for a very long time.

03.07.2017 02:00

```text I have probably used Iroshizuku tsuki-yo in all of my pens that are in regular rotation for a little bit over a month by the time this goes live. I have used three inks except for some minor reviewing here and there since February 2016. ```

```text First I got the tsuki-yo, and I used that for about a month, before I switched to shin-ryoku, and used that until January 2016, when I got a bottle of fuyu-gaki and I used it until I ran out in the end of April, then I used the rest of the shin-ryoku bottle before I got back to my tsuki-yo. ```

```text I’m not that into switching inks all the time. The reason is that doing a proper clean is a pain in the ass to do that often. So I usually end up using at least half a bottle before I move on to the next thing. ```

```text Three excellent inks, but the only one of the three that I know for certain that I will re-purchase is the tsuki-yo. The shading is much more interesting, and it is kind of like black, as in that you never get bored by it. ```


28.06.2017 02:00

```text I got my Canon EOS 650D a little bit over four years ago. I think it was during easter. The funny thing is that it was during easter it started to “act up”. The screen started to black out for hours at a time. The camera still worked, but I didn’t really trust it after that. The camera was almost a year old when I got it. So the majority of the pictures I’ve taken have taken have been with either the X100t or with a sensor that is five years old. ```

```text My plan was to get a 5D, when my 650D died. But I changed my mind. The reason is that I fell in love with Fuji from my experience shooting with the X100t and dedicated dials shooting with my Analog Nikon FM. ```

```text I still think the X100t is a great camera, but the focal length never felt “right” for me. I feel much more at home using something close to a 50mm. equivalent . But what I got out of my experience with the x100, is that I love how close to “ready” Fuji’s raw files are. And how much more fun it is to use their cameras. ```

```text So I got a black Fujifilm X-Pro 2, with the 35mm f2 lens, and I got a 50mm f2 lens with it for free. This is the perfect camera for me, and I love everything about it; except for the battery life. ```

```text The body is metal, and you can feel it. Not from the weight. But rather from how solid everything feels. Great build quality. And the experience shooting with the camera is great. You get what makes it fun to shoot with a mechanical analog camera, combined with the amazing image quality of modern digital photography. ```

```text When I look at the images I got out of this camera. The increased number of pixels and the vastly improved dynamic range. The jump feels similar to the one I did when I jumped from point and shoots to DSLR’s. ```

```text ]]> ```

The X-Pro2 battery life.

28.06.2017 02:00

```text I’m of the opinion that you should get through a day of being a tourist with a single battery in a camera. This wasn’t really a big problem with DSLR’s because my experience is that most of them will last you at least a weekend on a single charge. And I think the oldest of my Canon EOS 650D batteries still lasted me a day at the end. ```

```text I also think that the out of the box experience should last you a day. Without digging through menu’s etc. Mirrorless systems will probably get there some day. But that day are probably at least a generation away. ```

```text My experience shooting with my X-Pro 2 the first two days I had it was that I’d get around two hours out of a charge. ```

```text Then I decided to play with the settings. I’m not going to change the performance settings because I like the faster autofocus and higher frame rate. But I decided to enable all the auto sleep features, and set them as aggressive as possible(sleep after 15 seconds of inactivity), and only use the camera with viewfinder + eye sensor, instead of LCD and viewfinder. ```

```text The change? Huge. ```

```text I have used to camera on all my walks with my dog today, and I have also shot a little bit at home. And I have around 50% left of the battery. This would have been well into the second charge with the original settings. ```

```text This means that I’m not in that much of a hurry to get a second battery. And it also means that I don’t need to get that many extra batteries and charging systems for when I bring the camera on trips. ```

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Piston fillers versus Cartridge converter

26.06.2017 02:00

```text It all boils down to one simple question: what is more important of large ink capacity or ease of cleaning? ```

```text If you are the kind of person that has a lot of different inks, and like to change them on a frequent basis, then having room for a lot of ink might not be the most important. Because cleaning a cartridge converter pen is quick, you can just flush it out with a bulb syringe and flush the converter and you’re set for a new ink. While doing the same with a piston filler takes longer time because you need to fill and empty the pen until it is clean. ```

```text On the other side, if you are like me, and often use the same ink for months, if not until the bottle is empty, then you probably prefer having room for a lot of ink. A Piston filler is made to have room for as much ink as possible. While a converter is often designed to fit in a large number of different pens. And the result is often far smaller ink capacity. ```

```text I have pens with both. But I always prefer room for more ink because all of my pens (except for my Noodlers Ahab) is filled with the same ink. And I use a pen until it runs out, then I move over to the next pen, refill the empty one and rotate through all of my pens. ```

```text And I try to clean them every second to third refill or so. For me it doens’t really matter how easy it is to clean them for a new ink because it don’t do it that often. ```

Pilot CON-40

19.06.2017 02:00

```text It should not be a huge surprise to everyone that I’m not the biggest fan of the Pilot CON-50 converter. It looks kind of dated. Not that the design of a converter is the most important thing in the world, but it still looks like something out of the 80s or 90s. But my biggest problem is the ink capacity that leaves a lot to be desired. ```

```text To be fair, they have a lot of pens to accommodate, which probably makes it very hard to make something that have a lot of ink, is reasonably easy and cheap to produce and so on. ```

```text The new model is the CON-40. It looks more modern, and is slightly smaller. But I don’t notice much of a difference, if you just do a regular fill. But I found it much more difficult to push all the air out and fill it all the way up, than in its predecessor. My personal opinion is that is isn’t really worth it. It is faster, less messy and easier to just refill the pen more often. ```

```text Pilot are doing the opposite of what I want with the CON-40, they are accommodating more pen, by replacing the CON-50 and the squeeze converter with one. I get why; one less product to produce, ship and keep in stock everywhere. But I still wish they made a separate converter for the Vanishing Point to make it more “on pair” with the Lamy 2000. ```

My bag of stuff.

17.06.2017 02:00

```text I have this cloth bag that I put all the “stuff” I need on a daily basis. Everything from adapters, to cables and so on. There is nothing spacial about the bag itself, I think its the one I got with my H7 headphones. The goal of the bag is that I have everything I need in it, so that I don’t have to thing about it more than necessary(re-charging batteries, and replacing stuff as needed). ```

  • 1x spare battery for my H7’s
  • 1x spare battery for my Fujifilm X100t
  • 2x 16gb SD cards (because I broke my 64GB spare)
  • 1x spare Illford HP5+ 35mm film
  • 1 small and compact battery bank, just enough juice to charge my iPhone once.
  • 1x USB-C(male) to USB-C (female) adapter
  • 1x USB-A Nintendo 3DS proprietary charger cable.
  • 1x USB-A Micro USB cable
  • Mini-jack male to male cable. For when I have no battery left on my H7’s.
  • USB-A Apple Watch Charger
  • USB-A Lightning Cable
  • USB-C Lightning Cable
  • USB-C Cable (male to male)
  • USB-C Lightning cable.
  • 1x Satechi Slim Type-C MultiPort Adapter 4K
  • ```

    ```text I’m pretty happy with everything as of now. The only thing I want to change is the Satechi thing, I want to replace it with a single purpose USB-C to HDMI adapter. Other than that, happy as a clam. ```

    ```text And I do of course have a Apple USB-C Power bricks more or less everywhere; one in my bag, one at my desk at home, one at my desk at work and one at my new house. ```

    ```text ]]> ```

    Task Management in 2017

    12.06.2017 02:00

    ```text My task management system is constantly changing in order to adopt to ever changing requirements from my side. My system has consisted of three different components (the later years), except for during periods when I have been experimenting to figure out where something trives or not. They are: a central database, a notebook and a “smart system”. ```

    ```text The central database is usually based on having one or multiple “Taskpaper” documents. It’s just a simple format to write down projects and tasks in a plain text file. It feels a lot like using a notebook. I use it because I is very easy to automate and copy past stuff into. This is where I store everything at some point. ```

    ```text My notebook (currently a Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal), and I use my own bastardised version of Patrick Rhone’s Dashplus system. My notebook is where I keep what I am working on right now. The perspective is never longer than a couple of weeks. And I also use it when I need to plan something. This is because I prefer just taking a notebook and sitting down at Starbucks or what ever and figuring out everything I need to do in order to complete something. ```

    ```text The reason I use a notebook to keep track of what I am doing now and the following days is that I find in much less distracting to have a notebook open than to having to switch applications all the time to figure out what’s now and what’s next. ```

    ```text Then you have the “smart application”. I currently use Things, and I have used more or less any application available in the past. I mostly use it for repeating tasks and stuff where I need to be reminded. ```

    ```text How strictly I’m following the stuff above varies a lot. There are times when I use taskpaper to deal with stuff I usually use a notebook for, and there are other times when I use a notebook as the central database. While other times I mostly use Things. ```

    ```text But the only thing that is constant, except for the three elements is the fact that I’m willing to let my system live its own life in order to solve any short time problem I might have, and then bring it back to its ideal form as soon as possible. ```

    On giving Two Factor Authentication another go.

    08.06.2017 02:00

    ```text We can all agree that two factor authentication is a good idea, and that it in general improves security a great deal. But it also needs to be easy enough in order to ensure that people adopt it. ```

    ```text I tired adopting to it two years or go using Authy, but I ended up going back to “one factor authentication” because it was too much of a hassle to deal with. ```

    ```text Then I decided to finally get started and try it again a few days ago. This time I decided to try 1Passwords solution. I know it is probably not the best idea to have passwords, emergency two factor codes and the two factor codes in the same place, but my biggest worry isn’t if someone gets access to my 1Password database (then I’m totally screwed no matter what), it is if someone gets access to a password. ```

    ```text As stated above, the 1Password solution might not be the most secure, but having access to copying the codes both on my iPhone and my MacBook is convenient enough for me to actually use it. ```

    ```text My approach to security have never been about finding the perfect most secure solution, but rather to slowly becoming more secure every single month. ```

    ```text ]]> ```

    New Page

    07.06.2017 02:00

    ```text I’ve added a new Page Scandinavian Pen Stores, it’s “work in progress”. Let me know if I’m missing something. ```


    15.05.2017 02:00

    ```text This was my first Pilot Iroshizuku ink. I got it back in late 2015. And I then thought I reviewed it not long after I got it. Then I thought I did so the last time I discovered that I hadn’t, but no. So: third is the charm? ```

    ```text It was my third bottle of ink. My two first ones was Lamy Black(I think I used it for a week before I got rid of it) and Noodler’s Bernanke Black. The Bernanke was a ink I chose because of its short dry time. And it is amazing. But the Take-sumi is not far behind, and has a few other things going for it. ```

    ```text I think something like the Bernanke is good as your first ink, if you are worried about dry time, and then go for something with longer dry time later. The Take-sumi’s colour is backer than the other black inks I have tried, but it isn’t the blackest black you can find. But it looks good with thinner and broader nibs. ```

    ```text This was also the ink that got me into thinking about finding the perfect compromises between colour, dry time and writing experience. And this is one out of two black inks I can recommend to anyone without any hesitation. ```