Less is more

21.12.2016 01:00

```text There are three features that the current line of Apple laptops are lacking, their previous counterparts had. The Magsafe, the battery indicator lights and the charging indicator. I miss all of them. ```

```text I’m not going to talk much more about the Magsafe, but I’m going to say that it was like having insurance, nice to have, just in case your dog stumbles in your charger. ```

```text The next thing on my list have been gone for a while. I think they first started to go away with the wedge shaped MacBook Air in 2011, and disappeared from all modern Apple laptop with the introduction of the Retina MacBook Pro. The indicators were on the bottom of the battery, and they showed you your battery status. A fantastic feature for when you just want to know if you need to charge your laptop or not. ```

```text The last thing on my list went away with the USB-C Chargers. It might should like a stupid feature for many people, but I strongly disagree. It is great when your laptop is on your desk, and you just want to know if it is fully charged. I would also love to have the same kind of indicator on my iPhone and Apple Watch charger. I just want to know with a simple glance if it is charged or is charging. ```

```text Remove these three very useful features is not a huge problem, but it makes everything a little bit less “nice” and convenient. I can see the status by logging on, and I can also see if it is charging or not by doing the same thing but it is much easier to click at a button on the bottom of the battery or looking at a indicator. ```

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Three cameras, and the one I don’t use.

17.12.2016 01:00

```text This might sound strange to some people, but I own three cameras, plus my iPhone. The iPhone camera is fantastic, but I realised at some point that it is not for me. Some people love to take pictures with their phone, including my girl friend. But I can never get into it. I also have the same feeling every time I use a mirrorless camera without some kind of view finder. ```

```text I own three cameras. They are quite different, and I own them for three different reasons. ```

```text My main, and oldest camera is my Canon EOS 650D, I think they are called Rebel or something in the US. I own a 40mm 2.8 prime and a 24mm – 70 mm 2.8 zoom lense, plus a good flash. This is the big camera. I use it every time “taking pictures” is a large portion of what I am going to do. I know how to wrangle it to get good results almost no matter where, and the battery lasts forever. ```

```text My newest digital camera is a Fujifilm X100t. It is the perfect “bringing it everywhere” camera for me. It is a combination between a mirrorless APC camera and a phone camera. You have the flexibility and ease of use of a mirrorless system camera (coming from the photographer side) combined with the crappy battery life and small size of a phone. I decided to get this camera when I finally realised that I would never get into phone photography and this is the thing I use I I decide to take some pictures out and about or the camera I bring if I might take pictures. ```

```text I also own a film SLR(A Nikon FM). My mother gave it to me the last time I was home. It belonged to my grand father, and I don’t think either of them used it much. There Is something to using a camera without anything else to help you than the meeter. It takes forever to take pictures, but I enjoy it a lot. I love taking a lot of pictures when I bring my Canon or Fuji, and to get a few very good shots from the hundreds I shoot, mostly shooting in either Aperture Priority or Shutter Priority. But I also enjoy to spend maybe a minute or two to set up a single shot, when I decide to take one and then wait for weeks to get the pictures back. ```

```text The digital Leica Cameras is only interesting to those of us who enjoy the process of shooting with analog SLR’s. Vinyl records and shooting analoge is two similar things. They are technical inferior to their digital counterparts. This does not mean that you can’t enjoy the one more than the other. Vinyl sound cool, but it is not better. The same goes for digital photography over analogue. :0 ```

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The Apple Silicone Case vs The Apple Leather Case.

16.12.2016 01:00

```text Most of the iPhone cases I see are so ugly that I think we need a word, because just calling them “ugly” should be considered a compliment. My personal opinion about cases until the iPhone 6/6 Plus design was unnecessary unless you wanted extra protection or features; like for example more battery power or to have a combined Phone-wallet. ```

```text I’m not a huge fan of the current iPhone design, because of how slippery it is. It is not a new trend, but the problem became much bigger because of the rounded edges and the increased size. This means that most people do want some kind of case to avoid breaking their screen once a month. ```

```text My experience to cases prior to the Apple’s own cases were bad for the most part. The only exception is TwelveSouth; their cases are awesome. Most cases are ugly. If you for some strange reason find one that does not look like shit, then it is very likely that it either don’t provide much protection at all, or in a way where it is very hard to get your phone in and out of your pocket. ```

```text The thing I really like about both of the Apple cases is that you get a lot of protection, without much extra bulk, in a very attractive package. They look good, and they look like they belong on the iPhone(something you can not say about most cases). ```

```text I used a Silicone Case on my iPhone during the first 12 months I had it, and now I changed to the leather case because it started to wear down after a year of drops and in and out of my pocket (I have no idea how many times a day). ```

```text The only difference between the two (except for the $10 price difference) is a slight colour difference and the amount of grip. Both of them provide more grip, something I think is a much to avoid having the feeling you are going to drop it every single time you pick it up. But the silicone version provides much more grip than the leather. This is both good and bad. I absolutely love the feeling of holding and using my phone with the silicone case. It feels safe, and it would be very hard to drop it. But I prefer the leather case because it is smooth enough to make it easy to take it in and out of my pocket. ```

```text This is my only problem with the silicone case. It can be a pain to take it in and out of your pockets. ```

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Review B&O Beoplay H7.

13.12.2016 01:00

```text My go to headphones from I was 13 until I got my Bose QC25 in 2010 was the Bose Porta Pro. I think they were fantastic, but my impression is that the cables became gradually worse. They used to last at least a year, with more or less the same daily use as today. But then suddenly somewhere between 2005 and 2010 I suddenly had to get new ones twice, then three and then four times a year. ```

```text Then I got a pair of Bose QC25 in 2010. They lasted me six years, until the electronics started dying. The only thing you I had to do with them was to change the batteries, buy new cables when they broke(around twice a year) and replace the cushions(I think I did it two times). ```

```text My main expense with them was batteries and cables, so I decided to take a good and long took at the various good bluetooth alternatives available when I had to replace them. And landed on the H7. They have re-chargeable batteries, and I don’t need to buy new cables. ```

```text I landed on the H7 because I think they sound better than the Bose QC35, and because being comfortable to wear for many hours at a time is very important to me. There are other options that might fit you better if you want something more compact. ```

```text This might be the time where I spend less per year, while it being more or less the same, with an improved experience when I had the QC25. ```

```text I think the H7’s are fantastic. The build quality is great, the sound is fantastic and they are comfortable to use. Bluetooth isn’t as bad as I expected, and the only times where I really hate is when I either forget to charge them or when I have to use them with my Mac. The un-pairing, pairing, use for 10 minutes, un-pair and pair again is a pain in the neck. ```

```text Other than that: pretty great. ```

```text I expect and hope that Apple’s W1 Chip will improve the Bluetooth stuff a lot. I will never buy anything made my Beats, mostly because they look like shit and sound even worse. But I really hope that they force the rest of the industry with them and make it a little bit better every year. Because, if the un-pair and pair process or support for multiple devices was a reality bluetooth would be good. ```

```text Also, not having that damn cable have made my life a million times more enjoyable. It might sound stupid. But it makes everything much easier. I can put my phone in my bag if I don’t have space in any of my pockets. Or I can walk around in my apartment while my phone is charging and still listen to music. ```

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My new Tom Bhin bag

09.12.2016 01:00

```text I just posted an review of my new bag oer at my other site. ```

```text Enjoy! ```

On the new MacBook Pro Keyboard

05.12.2016 01:00

```text The only big struggle I have with this computer is the new keyboards that Apple are going for. ```

```text I have a really hard time to communicate my feelings about it. It is a big change, and I think it might be for the better. But it will take some time to get used to it for many people. ```

```text My favourite thing about Apple laptops during the last 10 years have been that their keyboards have been so good that I never wanted an external keyboard. The strange thing is that this keyboard are still very close to that, except for the arrow keys and a few other minor details. But the key-travel is the thing many people including me are struggling with. ```

```text I thought it was unusable when I first got it. Seriously: I had to type my password 5 times before I got it the first couple of days. But now I type more or less as many typos as I did with my MacBook Air. ```

```text It does require a few days to a week to get used to it. And my impression is that I write much faster on this keyboard than anything else I have used. ```

The Apple USB-C Power Plugs.

29.11.2016 01:00

```text Magsafe 1 & 2 have been the gold standard for as long as I have owned Apple laptops. And they became so, a year or two after I started lusting after a 12” PowerBook. I was a huge fan of the original design, less so the version 2, but I still think both of them were and is the best. ```

```text I think more or less everyone agree that having a cable that disconnects when you are close to dragging your computer into the ground is superior to not having it. No matter if you prefer having a USB-C port or not. ```

```text But there are still things about it that I like and don’t like. One thing that drive me nuts about the new Apple chargers is that I need to buy three different things to get what I am used to get when I buy an Apple Charger. I need to buy the brick, the USB-C cable and the extension cable. This is ridiculous. I had a full bag of various Apple boxes, only containing the different charger parts when I bought this computer. (I prefer to have three chargers, one in my computer bag, one at by desk at home and one at my desk at work). ```

```text There are actually some good things about it too. But I just wish Apple could have a box containing all of it. The employee at my local Apple Premium Reseller spent 10 minutes locating the different boxes for a simple charger. ```

```text My experience is that one thing break in every single charger after a couple of years, the plug that go into the computer. I really like how you can just replace that part when it breaks. This is cheaper and good for the environment. ```

```text The general USB-C concept is good. You use the same port for everything. Charging, storage, displays etc. But it will be a painful period until we find out how many ports we need to have on our machines and until accessories are updated to use USB-C ports. Remember the days in the late 90s when we had one USB-A port on most computers? ```

First impressions of the 2016 MacBook Pro 13” With F-keys.

26.11.2016 01:00

```text I went back and forth to this question like a million times between when Apple announced the new hardware until ordering one. My choice to go with the one with F-keys are as full of constraints as the machine itself. My need for a machine fast, and willingness to see where this touch bar thing goes was stronger than the more powerful machine with a touch bar. ```

```text This was the first custom order machine to be delivered to my local Apple Authorised Reseller, even though many people ordered custom machines with the touch bar before I ordered mine. ```

```text I love this machine. It feels much more dense and much smaller than my old MacBook Air. I have the same feeling I had when I went from the old pre-Retina 15” MacBook Pro. The battery is fantastic, it feels like a more powerful version of what I had. And I love the retina screen. ```

```text The USB-C stuff is okay. Charging with it isn’t a huge problem, but I’m going to miss the MagSafe. It is a major pain in the ass – right now. But I expect that it will make docking take off, like it never did before it. ```

```text I’m not sure what to say about the keyboard. My typos where flying like the racist, homophobic and misogynist profanities at a Trump rally But after ofter 24 hours and a few thousand words I feel okay about it. I can notice that I write faster on it. I might even like in a few week. ```

```text I miss the glowing Apple logo on the back. I’m not sure why, but it have been a part of Apple laptops for as long as I can remember. The design brings their lineup to something that feels and looks much more modern than it have been in a long time. The MacBook Pro and MacBook Airs have been due for a while. The design have been more or less the same since the first unibody release, and then some revisions since then. And they started to look really old when the MacBook came out. ```

```text I’ll write up a proper review as soon as I have used this machine for a while. ```

Git hosting

19.11.2016 01:00

```text I have used Git for a very long time by now, I think I started using it in 2007 or 2008. And I have used it in teams since 2010. Git is very powerful, but it isn’t the easiest tool to use, unless you find the right tools. Something that bothered me with Git from the start was how hard it was to set up a server to manage Git repo’s. It is one of the things where it is much easier to just use a hosted solution like for example GitHub. ```

```text There are three different Git repository hosting solutions I have used, and I think two of them are excellent. ```

  • GitHub
  • BitBucket
  • CodebaseHQ
  • ```

    ```text All of them do more or less the same thing. You get access to git repository with various limits and some nice add ons for x amounts of $ per month. It’s pretty straight forward. ```

    ```text The cheapest option is BitBucket, you can do what ever you want for as long as you want, up to five users, and then you you basically pay $10 a month for up to 10 users, $25 for up to 25 users and so on. ```

    ```text CodebaseHQ, their pricing is also pretty straight forward. The only difference between the plan is disk space and the number of action projects; except for the cheapest plan where you also have a user limit, starting at 9 punds. ```

    ```text GitHub is the more expensive option, kind of. If you want a personal account you can get that for $7 and there are no repository limits; I’m also pretty sure you can invite as many users that you want to your repositories. But it’s kind of a hassle if you have a large number of repositories, and need to add or remove people from them. They also have a Organization and a Enterprise plan. The former is $25 a month (includes five users) and $9 per additional user. And the latter is if you want or have to host your code yourself ($21 per user). ```

    ```text I have used all of them with teams, and both GitHub and CodebaseHQ are fantastic options. BitBucket on the other hand is a fucking nightmare. I can feel the billable hours disappear like sand between my fingers every single time I have to do anything with the BitBucket interface. What takes me under a minute with GitHub or Codebase takes 5-10 minutes with BitBucket. There are a million different things in the interface, and a combination of deprecated features and stuff you actually can use. And the other stuff they include, like HitChat and Jira is beyond bad. Jira is powerful, but then you need a dedicated Jira Guru that doesn’t have any other responsibilities and seriously – use Slack instead of HipChat. PivotalTracker is a million times better than Jira anyways. ```

    ```text A personal GitHub account can work if you have one repository and some people working with you on it, but the GitHub for Organizations are fantastic, it’s actually easy to manage, and easy to deal with from the team member perspective in the GitHub web interface. ```

    ```text Stay away from BitBucket, use GitHub if you can or use CodebaseHQ if you need to save some money. ```

    Good coffee

    13.11.2016 01:00

    ```text Regular coffee and good coffee are two very different animals. You will notice the difference when you try it. Some people I know only like good coffee and some I know only like regular. To make really good coffee isn’t expensive, time consuming or difficult. You need a few things: ```

  • A burr grinder
  • Good, fresh beans
  • A way to brew coffee
  • A way to boil water
  • ```

    ```text You can get all of it for less than $200. The most expensive thing will be the grinder, and buying beans and filters are the only on going expense. The first thing you need to do is to figure out what kind of coffee you prefer. Some prefer espresso while others prefer pour over. I personally sometimes prefer pour over, while others times prefer espresso. ```

    ```text I recommend buying a good grinder like this one or this one if you can afford spending an extra $100. Then you should get a V60 if you prefer pour over, or an Aeropress if you prefer Espresso style coffee; or just get both. ```

    ```text The V60 will give you really great regular coffee. It isn’t anything complicated about it, you put in the filter, grids and add water until you have filled your cut. The only skill required is the ratio between grinds and water, and how you pour the water. ```

    ```text The Aeropress is another animal. It is a penis-pump looking device that lets you make many different kinds of coffee. You can make everything from french press style to espresso style or pour over style coffee with it. It all depends on the recipe you are using. There is a good chance that you will find a Aeropress recipe that match your favourite coffee. ```

    ```text I have made hundreds of cups of coffee with my Aeropress, and it is still my favourite. Even though I mostly use my V60 these days. Mostly because the Aeropress requires much more precise time increments than my V60 does. ```

    ```text Some people go crazy, when they start to get into coffeee. I haven’t. The coffee I make for myself is more than good enough, and better than the coffee most coffee shops make. Start simple, and add new stuff as you need it. The most important thing is to have a good grinder, and to get good beans. ```