Redux Developer Tools Extention

14.02.2018 01:00

Redux Developer Tools is a extension that makes it easier to figure out what’s going on in your redux tools. It requires some configuration. But it is awesome when you try to debug redux related stuff.

React Dev Tools

13.02.2018 01:00

React Developer Tools is a pair of extensions for Chrome and Firefox that makes it much easier to debug when you are developing web apps in React. Most of you probably have it installed, the result of you should install it.

It also makes it easy to see if something are using React, and if the build settings are following the recommended settings for production.


12.02.2018 01:00

It’s Micro Monday again. This week I recommend that everyone follow [@patrickrhone]1, and buy all of his books while you’re at it. They are all fantastic. All I have to say is that he is one of my all time favourite people.


12.02.2018 01:00

[@jack]1 what’s your go to org mode app on iOS?

A Vanishing Point with CON-70?

12.02.2018 01:00

I really love my newest pen, the CON-70. And, then, I got this idea after a few days of using the pen. Damn, I want a Vanishing Point with this converter. Like I have said many times, I don’t think the 0.4 or 0.5 you can get into the standard converter is enough.

I usually can get through one or multiple days with that. Except for when I en up writing a lot by hand. Then I run through the converter fast. It’s not about that, it’s rather the fact that I hate to have to worry about it. I never do with my Lamy 2000 or TWSBI pens.

The reason I worry is that I have filled it in the morning, and written it dry before the day was over more than once.


A Vanishing Point with a larger converter, would mean that the pen would also be larger, and it would be heavier. This would probably make it even less accessible to women. And that sucks. But, I’m not saying “scrap the existing one and make this one”. I’m saying make this in addition.

ECMAScript standardisation Stages

12.02.2018 01:00

I guess you have seen “X is in Stage Y” when you look at some cool new JavaScript feature. This post is an attempt to give an introduction to what that means.


Stage 0 – Strawman: just an idea, possible Babel plugin.

Stage 1 – Proposal: this is worth working on.

Stage 2 – Draft: initial spec.

Stage 3 – Candidate: complete spec and initial browser implementations.

Stage 4 – Finished: will be added to the next yearly release.

MarsEdit 4

12.02.2018 01:00

The long awaited update for Mars Edit 4 finally came, back in November. I write this a few weeks after it, but you will probably not see this before a while after that because of scheduling of posts and so on. Here is the secret of having a blog that posts a post every X days; you write them in advance and schedule them.

So, MarsEdit. It is one of those classic Mac apps that every one I knew and looked up to had installed when I got my first Mac. Funny thing, the reason I bought my first Mac was this awesome little app called TextMate.

MarsEdit is an awesome app for writing, updating and managing content on your blog. If it has an API it’s probably supported. I had fallen out of the habit of using the old version, because it felt very dated, but the new version is awesome. And I open it more or less daily. I post most of my stuff directly from Emacs, but I almost always use MarsEdit, when I need to edit, remove or reference an existing blog post.

Awesome app, and it’s made by a indie developer that really care about the Mac as a platform. Can’t recommend it enough.


11.02.2018 01:00

Every time me and Ingri go to a Cinema we have the same discussion: should the popcorn last the majority of the movie or be what you eat while killing time until the movie starts


10.02.2018 01:00



10.02.2018 01:00

[@jack]1 The layer is working now, if you want a simpler .spacemacs. 🙂