Updates in the last two weeks

23.02.2020 09:07

Most of my focus at the moment are going into my wiki, but because I don’t have or want a RSS feed there, I’ll write every week or every two weeks here about the changes I have done there.

  • I took all my blog post drafts I had and added them to the wiki
  • Did some simple re-organisation. I’ll probably do more of it next week.
  • Went through everything and updated it
  • And I’m also playing around with the non stable version of Emacs again, the upcoming version 27. It has native support for JSX and tabs.

The other big thing I have been doing this week is to take a break from Micro.blog, like I wrote about on Friday. I appriciate how supportive a lot of people were about why I chose to do that. I’m currently checking out Mastodon.

Taking a break from Micro.blog

21.02.2020 18:56

Recent happenings here at Micro.blog have gotten me to taking a break from Micro.blog. It might be a short term or I might never come back. I have added all the RSS feeds of the people I followed to my RSS reader, and if you want to talk I’m always available on https://keybase.io/hjertnes. I’m not removing my site from Micro.blog for now, but I might do that in the future.

Who knows?

The reason I am leaving is that I believe Micro.blog has the oposite problem of Twitter. A lot of the time when someone are critical, negative or harsh people start to criticize it. Or sending me links to the community guidelines, even though what I said could not in any resonable proper interpretation be i violation of.

At the current state I don’t feel like I can be myself here. It seems to me that the only style of writing that is okay here at the moment is what I would describe as “lunch at gradma” or “christian youth club”. It is sad, because I do enjoy a lot of the people on here.


Wiki updates

09.02.2020 20:04

I have moved my wiki off from hugo to being one large HTML document instead. My friend @eli first did it, and I decided to do the same myself. The reason is that I write my wiki as a large org file, and this kind of output reflects what I see it as

Notes after listening to ATP 364

07.02.2020 13:44

I don’t listen to any tech podcasts anymore, because they bore me to death. The closest is probably Go time, a podcast about the Go Programming Language. But @eli talked about how dumb the hosts were being so I decided to listen and post my reactions to it.

  • Oh my fucking god. So much talk about all kinds of bullshit…
  • SwiftUI
  • Who the fuck writes a view that is hundred or hundreds of lines.
    • Clean code and Single Responsibility FTW
  • Weird stuff is hard with declarative models because declarative programming tries to force you to not doing weird stuff, and weird stuff is almost always a bad idea.
  • Declarative programming is hard, but not impossible.
  • There is plenty of good examples of good patterns to follow if you look at for example react.
  • Even though three gumpy old rich white men don’t think so, there are clean ways to use it
  • I think John is the only one who gets it
  • Marco struggles with anything new, as always. He is like a cobol programmer
  • Homebrew
  • Marco is all wrong.
  • Homebrew works well most of the time, and things rarely break as long as you keep things up to date. It might be broken for a few days here and there. But I almost never experience it, and I upgrade my system multiple times a week.
  • John builds from source, and that is the most John thing ever. HA

Recent stuff on my wiki

26.01.2020 06:57

I’ll try to do this each week. But it will probably more like most weeks. Just a recep of what I have been doing on my wiki. Last week I worked a lot of the template to make it show everything more likea a outline inside of a large cloud of entries and tags. And I also updated most of the pages in it. Plus that I re-organized everything into a intial structure.

This week I have added a reviews section and posted five new drafts I had ready to it.