Ystudio portable brassing

05.05.2019 19:23

I recently got a new pen. A YStudio Portable fountainpen; medium nib, the black one of course.

It is a brass pen, that use a standard cartridge and a standard nib. It comes with a converter, so you can just ink it up with your favourite ink. And a lot of companies like Franklin Chrisoph make nibs that fit it. I have not done that yet, but I might in the future. But I like the standard steel nib in it.

It looks really cool, and I bet it will look even coole ras some of the finish starts to wear off. It feels like unboxing an Apple product when you take the cap off, a lot resistance in the good way. And it comes with this leather string you can thread through a whole in the cap.

I think it is a great pen to have in your pocket. It is not a large pen, but not that small either, and the string is really useful when using it on the go, because you can just let the cap dangle from your thumb while writing.

Also it is heavy enough for you to never wonder where the hell it went.

A great pen, and I wonder why I havent gotten it before.

My pile of Instapaper automation hacks

03.05.2019 20:35

I try to automate stuff in my life to remove friction. One of these areas are sharing cool or interesting links I’ve read. The way I do this is that I mark them with a heart in Instapaper, then I copy the links out and post it before I remove the heart and start over. This would be a really simple task to automate through their API, if they’d bother to answer my request for an token.

The result is that I wrote this script. It is on NPM and you can run it with something like npx @hjertnes/likes ./pathToFile.csv. The way it works is that you download a CSV export from Instapaper, point the script at the file and it puts the links as a list of markdown links on your pasteboard. Then I paste it into a markdown file and publish it.

Then I paste this Object.values($(".action_link.star_toggle.starred")).map(x => $.get(x.href).then(y => {})) piece of Javascript in the console in the browser with the Likes section of the Instapaper website open, then I refresh and repeat until it’s empty.

That’s it. All of it would be a hell of a lot faster, cleaner if I got access to a proper API.


03.05.2019 20:17

KUM Masterpiece vs Classroom firendly

28.04.2019 20:07

The KUM Masterpiece (or the KUM longpoint sharpener, it is basically the same thing) and The Classroom Friendly are my two favourite pencil sharpeners. The former is a inexpensive, small sharpener while the latter is more expensive and not very portable. Both of them give you a great long point.

I use the Classroom friendly most of the time because it is a lot faster. But I also use it because I prefer the point it gives me. It is not as sharp as the KUM’s give you. Some people might think that is a bad thing. But I don’t, because sharpness is only a good thing if it is actually usable. And I think that the super sharp point the KUM gives me break too easy and sometimes tear the page.

Write a notefor yourself at the end of the day

28.04.2019 20:02

When I left the startup I was working for and started to have a normal relationship to work, and leave it at the office I started to have a problem with remembering where I left off when I got back to the office.

For a while I continued not doing anything about it, but then it started to become ridicolus spending like 15 minutes trying to figure out what I should be doing. So I added a Due reminder monday to friday to write a note for myself 20 minutes before I leave. Just a few lines to describe what I was doing and what I should get started on next.

It sounds kind of dumb, but have worked great.


28.04.2019 11:45

First new post using Gatsby, I’ll post more about why soon. Anyways. Here is like since last week.

Pen, pencil and paper stuff I currently use.

22.04.2019 15:21

Just a list of all the “stuff” I currently use.

Instapaper likes

21.04.2019 19:44

My pen and paper stash

21.04.2019 15:50

As anyone who have read this site for a while might guess, I try to keep things minimal and I try to keep a minimal stash of unused notebooks.

  • Pencils. I buy a significant amount of pencils when I order, but then I don’t order new ones before I’m about to run out. The reason for this is that I have to order from the US to get what I want and it isn’t a huge difference in shipping if I buy two 12 packs or two 144 packs.
  • Notebooks: the notebooks I use are available from a Norwegian web site so I don’t keep a lot of spares. I get three LT1917 Bullet Journals when I start the last one, I buy a handfull of Travelers Notebook refills when I start the last one, and I buy some packs of Field Notes when I have a couple left, and the same goes for DotPads.
  • Ink: I get a new bottle when the current one is almost empty. It is too easy to get into a situation with inks where you have more than you can expect to use for the rest of your life.

What's in my small bag

21.04.2019 15:17

I have two bags I use a lot. One of them are the big one I wrote about a few days ago. That is a Fjellreven Foldstack No. 2 that I bring to work every day. My small bag is a Foldstack No. 3. I’ve had it for 4 years or so, and it is the thing I bring when I want to go light, but still want to bring more stuff than I can fit in my pockets. That usually means either when I’m hiking with Luna or going somewhere like to the city or visiting Ingri’s parents.

What I typically bring when I hike is:

  • My X-Pro 2 w/ the 23mm lens
  • Extra batteries
  • My Phone
  • Extra memory cards
  • My water bottle.
  • Bellroy Field Notes Case, plus a pencil and my Ystudio fountain pen

Or when we go somewhere:

  • My X-Pro 2 w/ the 23mm lens
  • The 50mm lens
  • Extra batteries
  • Extra memory cards
  • Phone, wallet, keys, cleaning cloth for my glasses
  • My kindle.
  • A small powerbank.
  • Bellroy Field Notes Case, plus a pencil and my Ystudio fountain pen

The thing I love about this bag is that you can bring a bunch of stuff with you, but not a lot.