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I’m Eivind, I live right outside Bergen, Norway with my dog, girlfriend and daughter. My day job is working as a web developer; usually switching between front and back end. Currently for Sbanken, I’ll be joining Knowit Experience in a few weeks.

This blog used to be a lot bigger, then I migrated it over to a wiki, then that to roam and now I have moved over to org-roam and it isn’t a public version of it. I hope to make that happen soon. But that might not happen any time soon. So I’ll start writing more here or copy some stuff out of my wiki and publish it here.

When I’m not coding React and C# at work, I like to write in emacs, take pictures, hang out with my little family or code in Golang or Svelte. Online I usually hang out on IRC(freenode and tilde.town) or Mastodon.

Some stuff I may write about:

  • Programming: clean code, c#, javascript, golang, emacs etc
  • Stationary: pen, paper, pencils, fountain pens, ink etc
  • I post a bunch of links (usually 50 each time) every week
  • Other stuff: photography