March 20, 2018

The moment when you realise you basically have 9/10 of a CMS and should just complete it.

SD Cards

March 19, 2018

I hate SD cards. There is nothing I like about them. There are a million different models from the same company with some minor differences and it takes forever to find the best deal.

There is however one thing that I hate more than anything else about SD cards, and that is that flimsy “lock” button. What it does is to either allow or disallow writing to it. It is something I assume are coming from the floppies. Back then it had a purpose, because you don’t want to write over some hilariously expensive software by accident. These days they are just an annoying thing from the past. The reason I hate them is that they break, and then you can’t write to your SD card. I really hope that the thing we start using after SD cards don’t have them.

Unless you shoot a lot of sports, video or have a camera with really big files I don’t think the write speeds matter that much. But your milage may vary.

I buy the cheapest possible SD cards I can find. Here is my process, I go into where I usually buy photo gear and I navigate to the memory cards section. And then I order by price. Then I start looking for the two in one packs. They are usually cheaper. And then I include the cheapest 16GB and the cheapest 32GB card for reference.

Then I take the price and divide it by the total number of GB, and I buy the cheapest one.

I have used really expensive cards and I have used cheap ones. And I don’t notice any difference in how long they last. There are some difference in write speeds, but that depends on the camera. But the difference is not large enough to matter, for me.

If you worry about them failing on you: get a camera with dual SD slots and “mirror write” (it writes the same image to both).

My system for dealing with SD cards is that I always make sure that I have enough SD cards to shoot for a whole weekend without having to import them into my computer. And I replace them as soon as I notice it takes a long time to import the files. Because when read speeds start to take a long time I know it will fail soon. So I break it in two and throw it in the garbage. Just to make sure that if someone thought I threw it out by a mistake — don’t take it back out of the junk.

When I order something else I always throw in at least two cards or a two pack of cards. You can never have too many of them. The best price at the moment is either 16GB or 32GB, but it varies. When I look now it is the cheapest for 2x 16GB, but that’s just because the 32GB one is out of stock.

Here is the thing I don’t get. Why does a 1x16GB / 1x32GB and the exact same just with two cards cost the same?


March 17, 2018

The hats from a handmaid’s tale would be the perfect “leave me alone” hat for when I’m traveling or sitting somewhere public


March 16, 2018

I fucking love the remake of The Jungle Book

My Samyang 8mm f2.8

March 16, 2018

I have written about this lens before, but I don’t recommend it, even though I love it.

A 8mm or a 12mm equivalent is very wide. It have a field of view of 180 degrees. That means that it captures as much as possible before the images starts getting round. If you look at a lens and look where the lens “body” lens, this is where the field starts on a 8mm.

It is great for when you just want to capture the whole room or scene, and for when you have a lot of straight lines to play around with. The biggest challenge with the lens is to find interesting stuff to fill the frame with


March 15, 2018

I love writing with this pencil, but I’m definitely going for the Blackwing 602 the next time. Even though the regular one looks so much cooler.


March 14, 2018

What’s a snow day?


March 13, 2018