Keyboard Maestro

July 17, 2018

I do not know how many times I have downloaded and done a trial of Keyboard Maestro without “getting into it”.

Keyboard Maestro is a power tool that this blog post wont fully cover. But think of it as a tool to do various stuff on a given event. That can be a keyboard trigger, you connect to wifi or that you click “run this macro”. What you do can be all different kinds of stuff, you should take a look at it to get a proper overview. But the stuff I currently use it for is when I want to override default app shortcuts by running Apple Script that does kind of the same thing, but not entirely. Or my work around for the lack of proper batch operations in Lightroom CC. The short version is that I want to “Auto tune” a large collection of images. Typically after I import something etc. The way you have to do this is to open a image, click the button, move one to the right and then repeat. I made a keyboard maestro macro that loops over it a pre defined number of times.

It still takes a long time, but it frees me to drink coffee or beer while watching my MacBook slaving away.

This is the tool you want if you want to do some really geeky shit on your Mac.

Edit for iOS

July 16, 2018

Edit is a great iOS writing app that is about as minimal is it could be.

It reminds me a lot about a app that Patrick Rhone had a role in back in the Minimal Mac / Enough days called Pop (Piece of paper).

The basic idea is that you have an app that is just a large text input area. And that’s it. No sync, no files, or anything like that. This is Edit. And it looks fantastic, has some really cool buttons to make it easy to mark everything and copy it somewhere else.

It might sound very similar to Draft. But they are two different tools for me. Edit is where I write something a little longer on my phone, that probably will require a few “sessions”. While Draft is where I take quick notes and capture stuff.

Edit is very simple and minimal. It might not be your kind of thing, but I love it.

Do you need to know Java to code in Clojure

July 13, 2018

In general: no.

But because Clojure is built on the JVM, you will sooner or later meet an situation where you want to do something where there is a Java Library you can use, but no Clojure library. In these situations you need to use what is called the Java Interop. The code doesn’t look like Java, but it is useful to know enough Java to take an existing example and re-write it into Clojure.

The Blackwing 602

July 13, 2018

I started out with the Blackwing “MMX”, and I immediately knew that I probably should have gone with the 602.

This pencil is awesome. IT is not a “HB”, it is a little bit softer and smother than all of the HB pencils I have used. But it feels like a very good compromise between point retention and smoothness.

Where I usually wanted to re-sharpen my MMX after half a A5 page, this pencil I can get through at least a full A5 before I want to stop and sharpen it. Other than that it feels a lot like the MMX. It is very comfortable to use and is obviously a premium pencil.

The design. It looks really good, even though to colours etc are not my kind of thing. I think both the MMX and the Pearl look much better than the Grey and Gold on this one.

I would probably have liked it to be a little bit harder, but if you are going to use the pencil for writing long form I’d go with this over the other Blackwings.


July 12, 2018

Are there some kind of football thing going on?


July 12, 2018

I can’t wait to see how the new MacBook Pro keyboards hold up after people have been using them for a while.


July 12, 2018

Malcom Gladwell’s podcast ads makes me kind of uncomfortable


July 12, 2018

IDE’s are not my kind of thing, but if it is, then I think Cursive is four you. It is a plugin for IntelliJ. IntelliJ is without a doubt the best Java IDE I have ever used, and I have spent some time using Cursive, you know, just to give it fair shake, and it is great.

Some languages need more IDE like features than others. Java and C# are two of them. I’m not 100% convinced that Clojure need all of them though. They might be nice, to you do not need them. Check it out if you are looking for a powerful Clojure IDE, it is the best non-Emacs Clojure experience I have seen.

New Camera Bags

July 12, 2018

I have a long and complicated relationship with camera bags.

None of the ones I have bought have worked out very well for me. Because I tried to find one solution that fits the mall, before I gave up.

Then I decided to solve it. Usually I don’t need a camera bag, because I either just bring the camera using the strap, or in some other bag like my laptop bag; because I only bring one camera with the lens on it. But there are times when I would like to have something, either because I want to bring more than one camera or a camera plus a lens, and there are times when I want to bring “everything”.

One of my constraints was that I wanted the bags to be good, but not expensive, because I wanted to feel free to add more bags if I found situations where I needed something else. And I would not feel comfortable doing that if I went into ONA land.

The first situation: two cameras or one camera plus an extra lens; and some stuff, like notebook, rolls of film, batteries etc. I decided to go with a “Lowpro Nova 170 AW II”. I can fit two camera bodies in it, plus some extra stuff I might need or want while shooting. Or one camera plus an extra lens or two. It is the camera bag I’m going to use if I’m going to a family thing or going somewhere during the weekend and might want to shoot digital and analog.

But I also wanted a travel bag. You know, the kind where I can fit all my photo stuff, and some stuff I might want while traveling, like water bottles, some clothes etc. I went with a backpack instead of a bag because when you reach a certain size they are more elegant than bags. I went with another Lowpro bag “Hatchback BP 250 AW II”. I can fit all of my stuff in it, and a couple of extra lenses when or if I get them.

I’m very happy with this setup. Because there is enough room for both the camera stuff and the non camera stuff in each of them. And they are picket the two typical camera bag scenarios I have.


July 11, 2018