Clojure books

August 24, 2018

Below is a collection of some of my favourite Clojure books

Lein and Deps.edn

August 23, 2018

A recent addition to the Clojure Universe is the new “deps.edn” file. This is a edn formatted file that define the dependencies of a project. I think it looks like a great system, but I’m not going to move over to it, at least not yet. Because I’m a happy user of lein. It might look like this is the same thing on the surface. But while lein does what deps.edn does, lein also does a lot more.

Both of them have a project template system, and both of them keeps track of a projects dependencies. Where the difference comes in is when it comes to a complete project system.

Because lein let’s you create projects using existing templates, and there are a lot of them and manage dependencies like deps. But it also supports adding pre defined commands to make it easier to run a development server or building for production.

I’m sticking with lein for now, but I would love to see lein move to using deps.edn to manage just the dependencies, or that Clojure Core exxtended their offering to cover more of what lein offers today.


August 23, 2018

Keybase is my favourite non Facebook cross platform chat app.