New iPhones

September 28, 2018

My iPhone 8 Plus still feels very new and fast, after about a year of use. That got to be the first time. In the past I have told myself that I don’t need a new phone. This time I’m not that interested in the new stuff.

When I looked at the X, Xs, Xs Max and the Xr I thought: this is kind of like with the MacBook Air when Apple kept it up to date. I could get the fancy “Pro” model, but the cheapest is probably good enough. In other words, I’d probably get a new 8 Plus if this one broke.

Understanding Micro.blog

September 27, 2018

Micro.blog is a “social network” built on top of the open web and the indieweb. This means that most of it is decentralized. With a few noteable exceptions. This blog post is intended to be a short summary of how it all ties together.

When you register a user at Micro.blog you get a @-username, by default you also get a username.micro.blog site, if you chose to you can continue to use this as your micro.blog if you want to or you can set up your own web site somewhere else.

All posts lives in your own site, while replies lives on Micro.blog. The only thing your site needs to have is a RSS or JSON feed that you add to your Micro.blog user. I have three sites connected to mine.

Then, if you wish to use the Micro.blog apps to update your site it either have to support Micropub or MetaWeblogAPI.

That’s it.