October 03, 2018

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Emacs Search

October 03, 2018

I’m writing this up, because I had a hard time figuring it out. You use C-s to search in Emacs, then you type what you are looking for and hit RET (enter, return or whatever you call it). Then you hit C-s or C-r to search forwards or backwords for that phrase and repeat until you find it. If you wish to edit the phrase you do so with M-e.

Regular Emacs

October 02, 2018

Over the last few months I have been wondering how it is like to use regular Emacs. So, when I changed jobs I decided to give regular emacs a shot because I would not use any of my personal machines for work stuff.

Using regular Emacs is unlike anything else. It is very powerful and verbose, and it takes a really long time to get into it. But it was not that hard to get the basics into the fingers (quitting, opening files and saving files). I’m still in the “how the fuck was that again?” phase. But I like this a lot better than I liked evil. The reason is that everything feels way faster without it. This will be a long journey, and expect a lot of emacs posts in the future .