Emacs: Bare bones config

October 10, 2018

I have put together this gist

It contains what I think is a good starting point for building your own configuration. It is bare bones and does not change emacs in any shape or form. It just sets up the package manager and loads a macro called use-package. A macro is kind of like a function, that evaluates into new code instead of data.

This configration is the starting point for my own config. All it does is that it loads the package manager, adds some extra package sources so that you can have access to more or less every package you can think of, then it sets up the package manager, installs the pakcages I list if they aren’t installed, and loads use-package.

If you care at all, I think this config is a good place to start for your config, but also as a simple little snippet to study, if you want to learn a little Emacs LISP.