November 28, 2018

Long story short. I have for a long time been a little bit fed up with how all web pages have to look clean and professional and all of that crap. There is a place for everytrhing, and to look professional is a good thing if you are a company, but it might not be the most interesting thing in the world for a personal blog.

Then someone shared this in our work Slack, and I remember how much more fun things used to be back in the day.

So I went through my blog template and removed more or less all the “fluff”, and then @eli sent me a few lines of CSS that made it look much better, without loosing what I was going for. And then last night he made a Dark Mode for me. Both of them looked great, even though I tweaked them a little bit.


So, if you think my site is broken because there are almost no styling, it is not. I just deleted it.