The iPhone 8 Plus after two years

02.07.2019 20:50

I have had the iPhone 8 Plus for close to two years now.

One of problems with the iPhone prince increase with the release of the iPhone X was that my experience with owning an iPhone is that after about a year and a half the battery go to hell and they slowly become slower and slower. This was a big problem with the iPhone 4s (my favorite form factor by the way), and also the 5s; but to a lesser extent the 6s Plus, even though the battery got pretty bad like the previous models.

The iPhone 8 Plus is not slow in any way, and the performance feels more or less like it did when I got it. That means that we are beyond the days where software was limited by hardware performance. The battery on the other hand is a lot worse than it was, but still not as bad compared with previous phones.

As iPhone slowly becomes as expensive as a MacBook I expect them to be useful for as long. And at this point it seems like we are there. I can’t see much of a reason to upgrade every year or every second year. My current phone is perfectly fine, I’ll wait until it becomes too slow to be usable or until it breaks as always._