Review: Hario Soto Magu

May 24, 2019

I’ve been using travel mugs by Contigo featuring their autoseal system. It is awesome, and very convenient but there is this rubber part that keeps water from leaking out that is small and wears down in this annoying way very soon, where you hear the pressure leak out. It usually starts after a few months, then after like a year I usually replaced them because they start to look really gross.


The problems with the Contigo mugs:

  • Impossible to clean really clean the lid.
  • There is this part in the lid that wears down too fast.

So I decided to change, because I’m sick of replacing them, and there is no good way to order replacement lids.

I decided to get the Hario Soto, because a lot of coffee nerds like them, and they looks like a good option. None of the parts looks like the kind that would wear out fast and it is easy to disassamble it lid and properly clean it.

The lid itself is great, a little bit less convnient to drink from while traveling than the Contingo, but still great. It is a lot smaller, while only having room for a little less coffee.

Time will only show. But I’m confidnet that this was a better option, and I wish I’d done it before.